Saturday, February 6, 2016

13 favorite Valentine gifts on etsy

1. I am always drawn to tiny houses......
and...(I have a ton of tiny houses saved to my pinterest board; little houses here)

2.I love wine and homemade marshmallows so why not homemade wine marshmallows? mmmmm!

3. chunky blankets...more MMMMM!

4. a stuffed hedgehog of course.

5. I thought about getting this ceramic tag for my daughter who hikes often but ended up with a different quote. I won't show which one just in case she reads my blog before it arrives at her house.

6. The flavors of the lollipops in this shop make me want to buy them ALL! But these are marshmallow and hibiscus!!

7. This Body Mousse looks sooooooo soft and rich. It isYlang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Litsea, Orange & Patchouli.

8. I would love this Friedrich Nietzsche quote on a bracelet .... but there are so many other wonderful choices in this shop it would be hard to settle on just one.....

9. I fell in love with this  falcon pendant.

 10. There are so many wonderful handmade soaps on etsy it is hard to chose so I am usually swayed by the wrapping or the  interesting flavors. This one I think i just have to have...

11.You need to click on this link to see what is on this locket.

12. I got one of these mugs for my daughter as well.....

 13. And last but not least.....a tiny bear!

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  1. Wonderful collection. Karma cup, fab, and the bear at the end and always hand made soaps. xox