Friday, February 26, 2016

5 random things

1. I have added so much to my charm quilt pinterest board that I needed to make another one... called english paper piecing. They are my most popular boards. One thing from it I would love to try is making this fabric scrap twine....
Or to make these with scrap fabric instead of scrap paper...
Or buy this book... 

2. I have put no effort into my cafe press shop in over a year but I have had one thing continue to sell regularly....
This peacock mandala on wall clocks, throw blankets and magnets.  
I really don't make much per sale but it is really great knowing people out there in the world have a clock with an image I painted!
3. Another thing that seems to sell with no help from me anymore is the 8x8 swatch of fabric for the Bee Queen doll on my spoonflower account....
I love thinking a little girl (or adult) has a little Bee Queen doll on her shelf or in her pocket!
I keep telling myself to get the picture book done. 
Technically the art is done and it has been all completed in book form on blurb except for the last page. All I have to do is add the artwork to the page and finish the back book cover and click "done". It has been 3-4 months since I finished the art work yet I cannot get myself to click done. What am I waiting for? why am I procrastinating?
Am I afraid of failure once it is out there?
sometimes i think I should redo the art as it's not quite right...
I just don't know.
Maybe saying this "out loud" on here will force me to get with it and finish it.....
we shall see!?!

4. I have been painting daily again!
But i don't have them photographed to show yet, except this little guy...
My latest addition to my etsy shop is here.
I painted this little owl named Worsted a year ago and kept him in the box with the other painted stones but I never photographed him or listed him. He's been biding his time in the dark but now he needs to go out into the world. Maybe he was just a slow learner or maybe he had failure to launch but I think he is finally ready now. 

5. The winter here in the Fingerlakes region of NY has been very mild but we did get a storm recently.
The roads were really bad but it was beautiful.
My photos don't do it justice at all. The best parts of the road are too dangerous to stop for a photograph because there's no place to pull over on the side. These were taken a day after the storm and bad roads...
It was like driving through a glass forest with bright sun shining through it. and then snow on top of that!
so pretty....


  1. I love your work, especially Worsted. All great. Your photos of the snow is very chilling.:) Very nice. Have a great day.

  2. lovely work and inspiration for more! I love seeing the beautiful fallen snow decorate the landscape but I am NOT a fan of the winter cold!

  3. Worsted is darling! I enjoyed seeing your winter scenes. So far we have had snow but none of the usual ice-crusted trees and shrubs.

  4. this post is so full of wonderfulness it is insane... so much to check out and discover... and hit publish... failure is not going to happen... you are just too good for that

  5. Lovely makings and thanks for sharing the photos, it looks beautiful whee you live.

  6. Nice to see your landscape in it white glory. Your queen bee is so sweet no wonder she sells. xox

  7. Such a variety of lovely creations! The winter scenes are beautiful--even though ice can make walking treacherous it is stunning on the trees. :)

  8. Very nice. Worsted is lovely. Your photos are truly beautiful.

  9. Beautiful... you are afraid of success...not failure!! That peacock should be on your spoonflower account would make an amazing fabric for a quilt...or on that other site that everyone has society6.... Love the little girl too!! Get the book out there!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Love the little princess and all the whimsical art this week. xo