Thursday, February 11, 2016

some new fabrics at spoonflower.....

I have been designing fabric again this week. I started as I wanted some specific designs for the quilt I was working on, then got sidetracked and entered a few of their weekly contests...

This one was done for their last weeks contest, "interspecies friendships"with hardly any changes from the small sketchbook page it was on, (i posted the sketchbook page here)

This one was for this week's contest, using just these 4 colors.... you could still vote by going here

but I think I like this color version better...

then I did one for next week's "love is in the air" contest.

then these are just for my quilt....

and here are the little index cards I painted them on, or rather doodled them on using pens and markers....this little mandala one was just a pen doodle on scrap paper.... cropped and
altered right on the spoonflower website. I wanted a design that would have a repeat about every inch and a half so when I cut them for the quilt's hexagons I could get a lot out of a small 8x8 piece of fabric. It doesn't cost anything to design on spoonflower, and you can sell your designs once you have purchased them at least once to see if the size and color is correct. They give you 16- 21 8x8 samples for $20 (or that or thereabout) so I can get all of these pretty reasonable if I want, and if I decide I don't like them enough to buy them I am out nothing but time. Too bad they don't pay me to talk them up, but I really do enjoy their site. It'll be awhile before I can show you the fabric because I want to play around and pick and choose designs first.


  1. These are great. Love their contests, hope you win one. I like your upcoming, that has a great shot and your interspecies friendships. Good luck. xox

  2. you sure are having fun playing with patterns and fabrics-good luck!

  3. Oh I love these! I really like the love is in the air one and also the bear and deer one!! So much fun!!

  4. How much fun! I love these--I'm sure you will win. xo

  5. Lovely & beautiful work!!

    Smiles, Saskia :)