Friday, December 26, 2014

Looking back

Looking back over this year i have accomplished quite a few things i had hoped for in 2014.....
I tried out a few new hobbies and really liked them....

Wood carving, see the post here...

Woodburning, here

I also had fun hiking with

 And did a lot of paintings....some are  here, 
 herehere, and here

And tried some new foraged foods.... here., and here,

And started a, here

And canned tons from our garden...

and made a lot of smoothies from my garden... here and here...

 And i worked on  a children's picture and here..and .. The bee queen's message

And wrote almost a complete novel... here and here and  wild phlox season

I joined Nanowrimo, ICAD, PPF,, and Creative Everyday month in November...And i am sure there's more.... But i am starting to really plan goals for 2015 over the next couple days... Once i get the tree down and all. I'd keep it up longer but with the extra pets here over Christmas it's too hard to keep them all out of it. (With my two cats and a dog and with the two cats my oldest daughter brought home with her for the week, and the 3 animals that belong to my second daughter who is living back home again, that makes 5 cats, two dogs and 1 bunny).
It's almost as hard as keeping my son (or myself) out of everybody's christmas chocolate or the christmas fudge!
Hope everyone had as nice a christmas as we did here!


  1. What a great blog-post - I'll have to go back and see some of all these posts :)

  2. Lovely work! You're so creative!!!

    Smiles & Best Wishes, Saskia :)

  3. You've had a beautifully productive year:-)

  4. I've loved following your Blog this year and i can't wait to see what you do next :-) x

  5. Indeed a great year of accomplishment and diversity!! May your New Year be abundant in good health, wealth and joy!

    Hugs Giggles