Friday, October 18, 2013

The real me....

Here's the latest rocks...
as always inspired by nature...
If they're not in my etsy shop they will be soon...

The plate above that the rock is on was made by my daughter in high school. And these white rocks were collected by a little guy I used to work with when I was a Family Educator in Early Head Start. He lived by the creek and on one of my visits we walked the creek. I started to pick up a few white rocks, hard to find in the river here, and his Mom noticed, and asked if I liked white rocks. So I said yes, of course. The next time I went there, a week later they had  handfuls of tiny white rocks for me!

 I am throwing in some more photos from a day I had an appointment and stopped on my way home in a park all by myself to walk. I felt so guilty at first for taking an hour to myself, why is that? I had been looking at Vivienne's blog where she  takes a lot of self portraits, she does it as a way to learn to accept her own body image, and she takes some beautiful photos, offers classes and such, so she inspired me to try to take some self portraits. I played with them in photoshop to darken the edges; the Lomo effect.

I didn't get the self portrait that I wanted ... this one was going to be a nice serene shot of me sitting on this rock looking at the waterfall... but unfortunately I am not very coordinated, and as I was scurrying to get onto the rock after setting the self timer, I slipped, totally most embarrassing video moment almost caught on film, but the camera clicked a second after I pulled myself back up off my hands and knees. I had to go to work with wet mossy knees. The hour was still worth it!

shooting for serene
but not turning out as planned
this is the real me

there, you have my week... minus all the messy bits...well with just one messy bit...
(It is called falling ladies after all)


  1. Love your rock paintings, so beautiful and tender! Really wonderful photos, too!

  2. I love all your bits ! And the fact that you shared them! I take lots of selfies (as anyone who looks at my blog knows!) and that is my own way of loving myself. I seem to capture the me I feel inside in the pics. I still hate 99 % of photos that anyone else takes of me !
    Love the rock feathers! And that you got white rocks gifted to you. Sweet !
    Have a great weekend, Beautiful !

  3. Oh my truly just made my day by sharing your self-portraits...they are absolutely magical and what an incredible place to take them too.

    Cheering big time for you from over here!


    p.s. Your rocks are absolutely breathtaking! Now I'm off to check out your etsy shop!

  4. Your rocks are wonderful. Great photos

  5. So delicate and enchating. Happy PPF! Greetings from Brazil!

  6. Very peaceful rock paintings! Happy ppf!

  7. I love your rocks and your photos, the real you is better than posed anyway! Good for you for taking a little time for yourself.

  8. Falling Ladies! *chuckling* That's cute, Andrea :)

    Good for you taking some time. We all should...without letting the guilt seep in.
    Your feathers make me swoon! You are able to give them such a delicate quality...even on a round, heavy rock!

    You rock :)

  9. Tranquil beauty in this post and artwork!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I love that you took self portraits. You are beautiful, and real. You live in an awesome place. I love the rocks and waterfalls.

  11. your white rocks look like mints

    much love...

  12. Oh, I aim for "serene" a lot too--and miss it most of the time! ;)

  13. I love having the opportunity to see the real you, and that you share so many glimpses here for us to be inspired by. My fav self portrait is of the one sitting, I think right after you fell, where the leaves and foreground are in focus. There is something about the whole composition that speaks of the artist being the conduit for what comes through... thank you Andrea. Always.

  14. These are absolutely wonderful! They are all beautiful - and I especially love the one with the feathers :) Have a great weekend, xoxo

  15. This is a beautiful post.
    Your rocks are gorgeous and that waterfall . . . it doesn't get any better than that :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  16. Oh I so relate to the 'falling lady' being the original klutz! Is it a club, can I join? :) Happy Week!

  17. Oooo...I LOVE the painted rocks with the beatiful feathers on them. The tiny white rocks next to the bigger ones, somehow remind me of eggs. ^_^

    Now that's one gorgeous little park! I'd probably wander in and never want to leave. lol... Thank you so much for sharing such lovely photos and your week. Heehee, pfft, I know about the klutz thing, I one of them too. lol...

  18. Love your feathers and ferns. They look especially lovely nestled in the white gift stones. You deserve your walks alone and look beautiful. Maybe everyone looks good getting back up. ;) What a gorgeous spot!!

  19. Your feather paintings are beautiful. I love pebbles. I have a collection of them with the idea of painting on them but haven't got round to it yet! :)
    I like your photos, it's an interesting idea of taking them yourself to get to the real you, I really hate posing for photos!
    Jess x x