Friday, October 4, 2013

a sketchbook and a fox.....

2 new purchases from Michaels...
a new guardian for my desk...
and a new sketchbook in gray...

watching over me
a new fellow explorer
his story unknown

you will probably see more of him
he's a keeper...


Not too much to say this week...
Busy, busy, busy,
glorious weather lately her in NY
I am on Day 5 of a juice fast
juicing fresh fruits and veggies 3 times a day with tea in between...
I am not hungry at all but I still daydream of food I am missing.
Lost 5 pounds already...
I plan to do it for 10 days...
all because I clicked on a free movie on the internet called "fat, sick and nearly dead"
The man who made it  is very inspiring...
Don't click on it unless you want to be taken in...
he's selling juicers but I didn't buy a juicer
I bought his inspiration instead...
see you all next week...


  1. I'm sure your fellow traveler's story will unfold!

    Circles of Light

  2. Wow..Isn't a fellow explorer enough...lovely haiku..


  3. How comforting to have someone watching over you!


  4. I love your portrait sketch and the gourds. Such lovely artwork :)

  5. Love the fox and your post is filled with so much creativity ~ you are blessed ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ carol ^_^

  6. Love your little fox and those gourds in gouache and beautiful portrait are lovely! Well done on the juice diet - I'm not sure I could do without solids but it's tempting if you've lost 5lbs already!

  7. Love your Foxy friend !
    Sending light and love around your juice fast.
    Happy Friday, Awesome One !

  8. I wish I could be on such a fast for just a day. Lovely friend you have there, Andrea.

  9. aahhhh ...
    so much here
    for reflection & comment
    i feel
    we must B sisters separated at birth !!

    1--i bought the gray & the tan sketchbooks this summer
    & love how white does glow on these pages ...
    1a--appreciating your portrait drawn --->fabulous !!
    & if i could draw like that i might never stop ...

    2--i buy the wee fawn regularly
    & they live all about my house
    & sometimes at the beach or in my pocket ...

    3--THAT movie inspired me in last Spring l
    & i bought the NutriBullet
    which is the best
    + there IS that coupon
    @ bed,bath&beyond ...
    3a--i could never get past Juicing Day #4
    so good for you & best wishes ...
    i do enjoy having a day or two of juice*only every month ...
    & oh how i am hooked on Fresh Juice ...
    with a shot of vodka @ HappyHour = i feel so Noble & Healthy


    4--i am over here drawing moths
    on wee white pumpkin*gourds ...
    which HAS spooked my husband !! yippeee !!


  10. I have always been too afraid to do a juice fast as I am a carb addict and tend to get very angry when I don't have enough food. But maybe it would help with the artistic process....maybe it would help me to daydream. Oh I don't know I don't think I can face it!! Love your pictures of gourds. Happy PPF!

  11. Love your little fox and your great sketches. Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. Your art and sketch work is amazing! Perfect haiku!

  13. fabulous gourds... and I love gouache on toned paper... its chalkiness just seems to work so well on the soft coloured paper... xx

  14. Love love your sketches on the toned paper, I've seen that at Michael's and been tempted, good to know it can handle gouache, sometimes I'm a little to literal and think sketch paper means you can only sketch! I just love how the white highlights look...

    Good luck with the juice fast, so impressed you're already at day 5!

  15. Love the new goodies! Good luck with the juice fast, too. Sounds very healthy, but I don't know if I could do it for ten days. Kudos! :)

  16. I really like your work! I have never used this kind of paper - it is fun to see your whole process! You have inspired me to buy some next time I make a trip to the art supply store! Best wishes for your "juice fast journey"!

  17. I love those gourds - both the real ones and the painted ones. A grey sketch book! I need to keep an eye open for one-love the effect! And yes, I can see why foxy is a keeper:-)

  18. What an effect that grey sketch book has on the art. Very different and creative (I like it). Blessings, Janet PPF

  19. something tells me this fox is sizing you up, life story to follow!

  20. Loved your gourds in gouche in your sketch book, very inspiring and full of the joys of fall. I thinks it's so neat that you drew on the real gourds, such a touch of elegance.

    Hmmm, sounds like I could use such a fast too, sounds better than what I've been doing...mainly just drinking tea. ^_^

  21. Your kind of busy looks nourishing....and good for the soul :)
    Great sketches....and how neat about the juicing!

    We have a green smoothie almost every day during the dog days of really makes such a difference to fuel yourself with good, wholesome nutrition :)