Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What i see when i close my eyes

photo.JPG by lelloavengers 
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.
I promise soon i will move on to something else, i always do, but for now i am stuck in the mandala phase... Quick ones, this one was done without a compass,..... i watched a video and i am sorry i can't remember who posted it right now, and my computer has yet another virus so i am on my ipad and i can't seem to add links on this.... But if you google "growing a mandala from a seed" i bet you will get her video, it's very good.

I may sound crazy here but when i close my eyes and rub them i see kaleidascope's of swirling colors. I thought everyone did till i mentioned this one day and the person i was talking to thought i was nuts. Maybe it's an autism thing, not that i am autustic but since my son is , i have read that autistic people see bright colors, and a grown autistic man once said his childhood had been a memmory of bright lights, swirling colors and he thought everyone's was like that. I wonder if my son sees this, i know he hears too much, he can hear things we can't. my daughter recently read many autistic kids hear plants dieing, screaming in fact. That sounded horrible to me but they didn't seem sad about it, it was just what they heard. My son can't tell me this kind of thing yet so i don't know what he hears but he uses head phones to drown out the noise often.

So, how many of you see colors?

Oh, i almost forgoy, this is tuesday, time for list it tuesday, her theme this week is movie lines. My favorite ones are usually obscure , my friends don't seem to watch the same movies i do.... Here's some favorites...i 'll out the movie they are from below...

" on the contrary, it is more stirring to my blood than any imaginings could possibly have been..."

"be careful what you wish for... You will surely get it!"

"When the God's want to punish you they answer your prayers."

And the one i am reminded of each morning as i pack my son's lunch and he outs smarts me fairly regularly by getting the 3 cookies i put in his lunch...."my mental faculties are TWICE what yours are, peabrain!" said by the villian macleash in the kids movie rescuers down under to his pet lizard while trying to keep the eggs in his lunch box away from the lizard. The lizard gets them all everytime, and my son seems to get the cookies whenever he tries too, the second i turn my back, they are gone.


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful mandala, and made all the more different by the use of the muted colours.

    And I'm another who sees colours :)

  2. I love the shades of sepia and gray in this mandala-- and the quote from Out of Africa!

  3. I love the idea of this mandala. I just finished a meditation right before I visited here, so what I see with my eyes closed is really accessible right now. Very similar to yours. The unifying thing is the light dancing. Colors seem to come and go for me, but the light is always present.
    It is amazing to think about how your son feels, sees, hears the world so differently from the average person. Thinking that way must help you understand him, just a little bit more.
    Out of Africa is on my list, and so is that line...
    I hope your mandala light shine brightly today !

  4. My son wears his headphones to travel to school, he has "excessive peripheral hearing" as part of his diagnosis...hadn't heard the one about plants, I will ask him.
    Your Mandala is just divine! It looks as if it is floating above the paper!!!
    My favourite movie line....Rocky Horror Picture show. When talking to his servants,who "ask for nothing", he replys "and you shall have it....in abundance!" :D XXX

  5. I really like the 3-D look of your mandal. And I definitely see colors, often a lot of read billowing toward me.
    Very interesting post.

  6. I love your mandalas...so you can do them forever, if you feel like it :)

    I just tried rubbing my eyes ( I have noticed seeing patterns and such before) and I get white and black checks and diamonds...hmmm...I wonder what that says about me?

    A favorite movie line...gosh, so many....
    We recite the line from Princess Bride at random times and it always makes us laugh, "Hello. I'm Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." :D

    I know, not a very funny phrase....

  7. Beautiful mandala. Lately my mandalas have been black and white. You are inspiring me to pull out my watercolors and bring in another dimension. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Hi Fallingladies, Enjoyed your mandalas. You inspire me to try the same. I'm very into Zentangle, so I'm on it!

    I see colors and flashing lights with migrain headaches. I don't get migrains often, but I think I get them if the light hits my eye at a weird angle or something. Often a dull headache as well.

    I didn't recognize your movie lines which is unusual for me (I'm a movie fan deluxe). Challenging!

    You're so creative!

  9. The mandala is lovely. Really beautiful.

  10. I have just got back into drawing/Zentangling after a break of almost 2 years.I love your blog.I hope to be able to post and do the challenges soon.

  11. Lovely Mandala AND great movie lines!

  12. Ha! Peabrain! :) Love it! :)) Great mandala.

  13. Elegant mandala! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Beautiful mandala - don't stop making them. Love your movie lines but I don't think I've seen those movies!

  15. adore your mandala! I have never tried one, only have admired others. One of these days....;) cool movie lines, tho they don't sound familiar to me :)

  16. Last night for the first time in my life, I closed my eyes and saw a picture show. It was so vivid I was fascinated. Some things were inane, like a microwave for example, but I saw a page of typed script, faces of people I had never seen, a beautifully designed bright red menu cover of a restaurant I'd never heard of, and the most beautiful brilliant blue dot flowed gracefully into a heart and when completed "I love you" appeared in a beautiful script. It was truly magical, much more than colors and lights. I wonder if there is a medical reason. I was truly exhausted because I hadn't slept the night before.

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