Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aedm 8 and share the joy!

photo.JPG by lelloavengers
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.

I had planned on finishing more of the mandalas i started or painting some of the tiny sketched planets or more zentangles even but then i read Tracey Fletcher King's blog as i regularly do and i got up and had to sketch a teacup. Couldn't help myself actually. This is my favorite of mine to look at, so pretty but too tiny to use very often though. I have two handmade mugs i use for my tea so i can get a really good sized cup. I don't feel i have found the perfect cup yet, same as the elusive favorite pen that i am sure is out there but i have never found.

This is thursday so not only anothe AEDM day but also favorite things thursday and share the joy thursday.

So my joy list....
1. The almost favorite tea cup
2. The darkness... With the days getting shorter and colder it feels more closed in and safe and cozy. I am the opposite of claustrophobic. ( by the way i know i am spelling things wrong or typing too fast but i don't have time for spell check so please excuse all my errors...)
3. With the shorter days comes holiday packaging. While everyone else moans that there are Christmas decorations in the store before Thanksgiving I am secretly loving the pretty peppermint tea boxes and the candy packages with snowflakes all over them. it makes me feel all happy and i feel the need to go watch childrens fantasy movies. I started the golden compass last night and will get to the lion the witch and the wardrobe soon, and the polar express, and labyrinth and on and on...
4. My son is talking more now that he is being bussed to an autism classroom an hour away. They are doing a great job and he's using more words at home. Until 3 weeks ago he had never even answered a yes or no question. He would just repeat the question. Then 2 weeks ago my husband asked him if he was pretending to be a T-Rex as he was making T-Rex noises, and he said "yes". We were so shocked we hardly realized he'd actually answered. Then a week or so
ago he was repeatedly poking my eye at 4:00
am and as you can imagine i was not happy and i said " what do you want?" in a fairly
annoyed voice... He said " I want a cookie please" clear as day. I was so excited i got up and of course, got him a cookie! Yeah!
5. I am having surgery tomorow ( a hysterectomy... I was feeling like i shouldn't say that on here but i am not sure why not) which means i get two weeks of work, yeah again!
So i won't be by tomorow but after a feel better i will see you all then...


  1. Andrea -- I will be sending you healing thoughts tomorrow and for the next few days. And the news about your son is amazing. . .even the 4 am poke in the eye is good news when it's followed by meaningful language.

  2. My prayers will be with you during your surgery. You will do find. I appreciate your sharing your upcoming hysterectomy with us as we are a sisterhood that shares our heart. Every time I just look at your Falling Ladies header I realize how,not even knowing,you I feel our hearts share so much as moms and women. Blessings dear sista.

  3. Wonderful news about your son's development, and all good wishes for the surgery. In the meantime, I love your page - beautiful art!
    Alison x

  4. Oh Andrea.....just take it Mom just had that surgery. It takes some time to feel "right" please, take care.

    How exciting that your son is progressing! Getting to better communicate with him must be amazing!

    I just love this teapot/cup journal entry. Just gorgeous....and I see your little travel watercolor tin in the frame....your ingenuity just makes me smile :)

  5. Gosh, you have lots on your plate don't you.Wishing you a speedy recovery after surgery.Are you having keyhole surgery?
    Your son's progress is remarkable.I am a new follower of your your art work.

  6. So thrilled that I inspired you as you regularly inspire me... and I am with you on the almost perfect tea cup ... if you find perfection then you might stop looking... and the fun is in the hunt...
    the news with your son was extraordinary... so pleased you are seeing these break throughs... must make each day better... and hope the surgery goes smoothly and you are able to spent all of that two weeks showering us with as many of your gorgeous drawings as you can
    T xx

  7. Just popped over from AEDM and so glad I did! Your work is beautiful. I am so happy to hear about your son. I can only imagine what an absolute thrill it must be to hear him say those words! It gives me goosebumps to think about it. Sending prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

  8. everything you do is lovely!
    thank you so much
    for stopping by be... dream... play...
    wishing you the very best...

    xox - eb.

  9. That tea theme is bound to be cathing I love it too but only tried it out once. It is you now that inspired me:)

  10. The ups and downs of life and still the Joy comes through everyday in lots of little ways! Wishing you a speedy recovery with the op and hope you get just the right cup for tea too! x

  11. Surrounding you with light and love ( and all the docs and nurses etc too) as you go through your surgery today. Heal well and quickly!

  12. Beautiful. I have so many pretty teacups. But most mornings I use a big mug. happy news about your son. So sorry read you will be having surgery. Sending gently hugs your way and prayers for a speedy recovery xo P.S. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo

  13. Beautiful...indeed, this lovely teacup in your journal.

    wishing you speedy healing

  14. Lovely cup and teapot! And great rendition, too.
    Totally stoked about your son answering questions!!!
    I hope you heal quickly. I had one years ago. After it was done I wondered why I had put it off for so long. Best to you! :)