Friday, November 16, 2012

This morning, when i woke up I felt good...
the absence of pain...even small pain... when it's gone it feels even better than before you had pain....
how good that feels even if for a liuttle bit since last week's surgery...

I so here's my story today...i always crave time alone.
i can't remember the last time I was alone IN my house...
years honestly
but this time i am not complaining...

I had expected to be alone this week since the kids would be working or at school and I would be lounging on the couch...
it didn't work out that way, there was early dismissal due to parent teacher conferences, 2 days my youngest was home sick and I have had help in and out...
 and the thing is I have been fine with that! Glad of the help actually...
help from my mom...

Homemade granola 
warm when it was delivered
Yummy and healing
flowers from friends...

and from my daughter, the ring...well... even if it was just because she cleaned her room and didn't know what else to do with it...

 I still wore it and had this quiet moment when i was laying on the couch doing nothing except listenng to her in her room listening to dave matthews band. it was nice. 
 My mother in law has checked on me, I have had my daughter and her new tiny puppy, help.

And whenever my youngest tries to climb on me which is what he does; either my husband or my older son or someone is right there to help and distract my youngest with wrestling to protect me. My husband has cooked great meals, but then he always does that...
i am lucky!

And if you all want to be super will take the time to go vote for the fabric i created using cut paper over at spoonflower. I have been cutting  up paint chips and arranging them and photographing them and then color changing and altering using their programs, (II watched a tutorial on the site to help me learn how!) and i made this.

It will be available for sale once I order a sample, and now it is entered in their weekly contest. click here to see it as fabric. and Click here to get to the link to vote, I will warn you have to scroll thru all 20 pages before it will let you vote, but hey, you'll do it for me, right?

Thanks a million, if i keep with the fabric thing awhile maybe I will order some and have a giveaway soon. Maybe after next week, for Thanksgiving my house will get even fuller as my oldest will be home from college and she's bringing her new pet too... a kitty named dirty popcorn. I haven't seen the kitty yet, we will have to wait and see how these two new pets get along with out 2 older cats, Tyronne and BobDole.  It will be a full house...
Thanks for voting!
I am headed back to the couch...


  1. your flowers are beautiful; Starburst is adorable; your artwork is lovely; granola looks good; and all's right with the world....

  2. I love your haiku! I've seen a few today about food and it's fun to read them.

    Your photos are lovely - the orange in the flowers is gorgeous. Starburst is adorable - what soulful eyes she has! And I really like your fabric!

  3. Hello Barbara, glad to hear and see that you are doing well. Your haiku is quite yummy. Love surrounding you in so many colors and ways, lots of orange, which you know is second chakra? Drink deeply of this. Thank you so for sharing all this beauty with us, as we continue to send healing thoughts your way!

  4. Good to hear you are improving and loving your fabric art.Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. beautiful fabric... I'm glad you are healing.

  6. So grateful that you are feeling the absense of pain. What a relief. And that you have such sweet help as you recover.
    Beautiful creation, as always !
    Heal well, Lovely One !

  7. I'll get to that site to vote for your entry, I promise! Glad you had some time to sit as you water, alone, healing.

    Powerful positive energy sent your way my dear friend.


  8. Glad you're feeling better. It's wonderful to have so much help and have the voices of your loved ones around, the scent of the beutiful flowers, the taste of that yummy granola, and the adoring eyes of Starburst. Love the haiku and your fabric piece.Happy PPF!

  9. So happy to hear that there's a circle of love protecting you as you heal!

  10. Sending healing hugs to you ~ Your creations are divine and will make great fabric ~ CArol (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  11. I went...I scrolled...I voted :D XXX

  12. voted ~ Hope you win! ~ ^_^ CArol (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  13. Your fabric work loos amazing hope the healing continues.

  14. Hope you feel better soon!!Lucky you have the hope! Like you I crave alone time, but welcome the help when it's present! Lovely cut paper pattern!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Wow, I love the continuation of your creative process even amidst your recovery from surgery. I had skin cancer surgery eight weeks ago and wow, that quiet time of early recovery was great and a lot more difficult to "just be" than I imagined!!

    Glad I found you via AEDM2012 today!

  16. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Such a lucky girl to have so much love and support at home. Beautiful work and good luck with the full house next week. Happy PPF

  17. beautiful fabric! glad you are recuperating and being well taken care of!

  18. I hope you will be feeling better soon. That wonderful granola will surely help you toward healing. Delicious haiku too.

  19. so glad you are on the mend and things are coming together but hoping like mad you get a moment or two of alone time this coming week...xx

  20. Sorry you are laid up but glad you are being showered with attention. I like the gifty ring from clean up...just her giving it to you found that way is sweet to me.
    Your spoon flower fabric will be terrific. Hugs for healing from me. HPPF!

  21. So true about pain, for some time after one really appreciates the well being ! Lovely photos and haiku and that puppy is just adorable! Get well soon! Pretty fabric design!

  22. love your fabric, and will go over and vote. Hope your healing well, and glad people are attending to you. Happy PPF!

  23. {{ oh
    so sorry about your not feeling
    tip+top ...

    feeling pain can color
    everything in your life
    to a shade not desired!

    i LOVE spoonflower
    will see if i can find you there ... }}

  24. Reached here via AIB...Get well soon and prayers for your healing and recovery. Nice work :)

  25. Cool! I love your paper cuts and the way you used them to print your design. I also love your puppy. She looks like one of our dogs, a Chihuahua and Rat Terrier mix, that we rescued from a mall parking lot. Blessings!

  26. The fabric is sooooo cool!

    Glad you're feeling better--the flowers are lovely!

    I'm having a giveaway over at Art in the Garage to celebrate my 1000th post--hope you can stop by and leave a comment!

  27. Lovely artwork, and Starburst is so adorable! I wish for a further good recovery.

  28. Lovely work, I am glad you are feeling well and have so much love around you

  29. Glad to see that you are starting to feel better, and have so much loving help around you. I think your paint chip collages are beautiful, and so are the birds you ahve been painting.

  30. Your cut paper collage is beautiful!

  31. Only 15 pages. ;)
    Glad you're feeling better and have had some helpers. I haven't been pain free for over a decade now. I have fading memories. Oh, except for when I had jaw surgery a few years ago and they gave me oxycodin for a couple of days afterwards. Odd to say that after jaw surgery was the best I had felt in years--well, for about 3 of the 6 hours inbetween pills, anyways--LOL!
    Have a good week. :)

  32. Those orange flower pics would surely help the pain go away:) And that little puppy dog.
    I am glad you are feeling better.

  33. I usually vote on Spoonflower fabrics, I found them a couple of years ago. Thanks for telling me about your entry. Your design will make beautiful fabric. Blessings, Janet PPF