Thursday, March 29, 2012


This book brought me JOY this week....I bought it months ago and hadn't read it yet.... but since I'm back to wanting to fill sketchbooks it was the right time to read it. And guess it  Cathy Johnson gives us permission to use our sketchbooks just as we want! I'm not being sarcastic .... that really makes me happy! It's so easy with art to think I should do this ... or that. or try to do traditional watercolors without my pen lines around my ladies, blah, blah blah and on and on. Maybe it's just me but I always get hung up thinking there's rules, and I don't know why since noone ever TELLS me to do this or that. I tell me. In this book she says do it however you want and gives lots of great inspiring examples of doing it your way. And just like I decided last week and wrote I was going to put it all in one book, I read the next day where she said to go ahead and put in zentangles and mandalas if that's what you enjoy doing. I think she was really talking just to me... really! so here's some of my random stuff I sketched, oh and my new sharpie pens that make it more fun to sketch.... I've actually almost used them both up in the 1 1/2 weeks I've been using them!

You'll have to go back to last week's post to see why I'm sketching monkeys....

 Tomorow I will have more  zentangles and more mandalas....


  1. I LOVE your sketch book work and I LOVE that you feel OK with having it all together because the variety of each entry really adds to the over all effect! Oh and those monkeys are amazing!

  2. I love your sketchbook too!!! Everything about it is awesome, it is relaxed, detailed, fun and interesting. Full of inspiration for bigger works, yet an artwork in itself. Beautiful!! :D XXX

  3. How nice to feel "released" from the rules that were holding you back is very evident that you are a very happy artist right now :)

    I'm loving your extra monkeys, too....heehee!

  4. hehe, I smiled as I see the two more 4 colored monkeys, so especcialy the second one :) your scetches are amazing and very inspiring !!

  5. Random beauty, and I just love and relate to the stone wall. Thank you. Jane