Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have joined a few of you and have opened a shop in FineArt America. Wow, it was easy, and seems like a great way to go with trying to sell some art... Any advice please let me know as I have no idea how to get found on there. It's hard to be seen on etsy but I've been joining groups there and doing treasuries so I have  a following but this site is all new to me. My site is here....

I plan to add some of my mandalas soon....Thanks is advance for any advice.


  1. Hi Andrea. Love your Falling Ladies. You forgot to put the link of them. When you click to look at your painting, there is a link you can copy and then you paste it on your gadgets links in Blogspot. You'll do good over there. I'll follow you there and hope you follow me too. It's not actually called "following", it's called, "Watching" as in gloria is now watching Andrea of.....Good luck and I'll head on over there now.

  2. Thank you for letting me know about this! I have had an account that sells prints on another site for 2 years now....and have not had a single sale! I think I need to try something different!

  3. I have tried something, too, but got no sales.
    Maybe you'll be luckier!! :))

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