Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illustration Friday, submission for "sweater"

At first I couldn't think of anything for this theme, then I  got this idea to use 2 paintings I already had and add 3 more really quick ones to make this story...

Our gift for Mythora

The winter was almost over but it was still so very cold. I knew Mythora must be freezing outside as she had no fireplace to keep her warm as I did , and the spring still seemed so far away.
A tiny idea came to me...

I picked up one of my lovely warm angora rabbits as they didn't need all their long fur since they stayed in by the fireside with me all day. I spun her fur right into my spinning wheel then I had a cup of tea and thanked her for her gift of such beautiful white yarn.

 The next night I did the same with her sister, and the next night with her brother and so on night after night until I had enough yarn. Come the weekend I started to knit...

I spent all day and all night turning the beautiful yarn into something warm for Mythora. The sound of the clicking needles lulled my rabbits to sleep by the fireside. The next time Mythora came by I was ready and ran outside to give her our gift, holding it up in the cold sun. She leaned down so I could slide it over her head. She looked so warm now and comfortable...

Now she could be warm until spring,when we could play outside again, and have fun in the spring air and warm sun!


  1. are so Fabulous!!..what a gorgeous fun-spirited post..and beautiful art..enchanting!
    Shine on!

  2. Your style is adorable! I especially love the bunnies. I have two angora rabbits AND a spinning wheel and I hope to knit a sweater soon ... so I can relate! And I need to say, I LOVE your falling ladies!

  3. Nice story and happy pictures! I especially like the thought of spring and playing again!

  4. Heisann!
    Lovely story, and happy ending ;:OD) I enjoy the illustrations a lot ...

  5. Such a charming story, and lovely illustrations to go with it!

  6. You are beyond brilliant! To know you paint on your break for 15 minutes is amazing! I do hope this is going in a book to be published by you?? You inspired me deeply, Andrea. Thank you~

  7. Andrea that is a lovely story and wonderful illios! Great to see another idea re "Sweater". Jane x

  8. This is completely adorable! What a charming story - (and please, can I have a cuddly bunny like that!)

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    You will receive the green bag.
    Please contact me at my email address with your mailing address by Sunday, February 20.