Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope rocks again!

This is my second post for Hope rocks! In the original post I expalined the idea which comes from Lille Diane, you can click on her picture to the right that says woodstocklilly to see her blog and read how the idea got started. Basically the idea is to share a little surprise of hope by hiding these rocks.

My third rock I put on the desk of a co-worker who needed a little hope to realx about things she is dealing with right now. She says it's helping to squeeze the rock once in awhile.

 Rock number 4 got left today on a bench by the lake. I visited Keuka  lake in the snow on my lunch hour and took a few pictures of the cold water and seagulls and the tiny little white rock waiting there on the bench for the first passerby who ventures through the snow down to the water....It's fun to imagine what they might think when they find it!

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  1. AWESOME!!! This is such a cool post & your pics are lovely! I got a heart squeeze when you wrote your co-worker feels better when she squeezes her Hope Rock. Thank you so much for playing along again, Andrea. I'll share a link back to you this week. I caught that super bug everyone seems to have & it knocked me out of the loop for a while. I'm back! Sassier than ever! Thank you so much for adding some sunshine to my world!