Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Nature Table.

I've been following this for awhile but this is my first submission tothis, you can see the rest of everyone's posts to this blog here:

This is the new creation my daughter and I have been working on...
We made it out felt, and after sewing the base, we made an owl that tucks into a "branch" of the pine tree, we made a swan, a turtle, 3 bears, a bunny to eat th eblue flowers , all 3 bears can fit into the cave, We made  a beaver and a stump with mushroom that can be moved around. Oh, and there's a little blue bird that's tucked in the tree attached to the cave.This was so much fun to make together! We did it all without patterns, just decideing how it should look as we went. It's for sale in her new esty shop: Barefootbananas
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. We have so many plans to make other nature scenes, other biomes, the tundra is next...
We really hope some little girl or boy might enjoy playing with this set!