Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 9

I planned a different post but I have to go out of order for technical reasons....but that is actually proper as my creativity skips around the same way. I felt like embroidering so sitting by the lake on my lunch hour I started a new ornament instead of working on the carved birds....


  1. What a lovely autumnal lake view. I'm sure that must bring a lot of creative inspiration to you. Adore the little ornament. I might have to give my hand to stitching this holiday season. I've not done this sort of thing since I was in grade school. I used to make them to sell at school to my teachers, so I could buy pressies for my family. :)

  2. Well that's a hard view to beat for inspiration and beauty! Lovely little ornament too!! Yes, yes, go with what inspires you while the mood strikes! :)