Friday, November 11, 2016

Tips on juicing

Today is the 12th day of Art everyday month. I thought I would post a different kind of creative act today.

I have been juicing for quite awhile, well off and on for quite awhile. I get lazy and I get sick of cleaning the juicer so I quit every now and then. But now that one of my daughters, Jesse, is living at home again, and she has been juicing 2-3 times a day for months now, I have been inspired to do it again. So.....I thought I would share some tips Jess and I have found for making it easier to juice regularly.

Big disclaimer: not claiming to be a health expert, not even claiming to be very healthy, instead, just sharing what has been working for us.

1. Juice by color. We add green fruits and veggies to other white or green veggies instead of mixing in reds. Another time we will juice all orange and red fruits and veggies. Jess likes the taste much better, as well as the fact it looks better and fresher because it doesn't end up brown and evil looking. And it saves you from the gagging noises made by innocent bystanders watching you drink brown muck.

2. Use 75-80 percent veggies and only 20-25 percent fruits. This helps me not have any low blood sugar episodes. Keeps a more level feeling, if you are just juicing without eating too.

3. I eat a handful of nuts or add protein powder to my juices for the above reason.

4. Add small amounts of strong flavors (such as fennel or ginger or lime) to cover the flavor of veggies you may not love (in Jesse's case; celery, and in my case tomatoes)
Plus you get the added benefit of smelling fennel (a licorice smell) or ginger or lime as you go!

5. Drink it right away! Everything I read states the fruits and vegetables begin to loose their nutrients quickly after juicing but the juice also looses it's fresh taste and flavor, if you have to keep it awhile. But if you have no choice; try to store it in a small sealed container with as little air in it as possible as I also read it is the oxygen exposure that causes it to loose vitamins and nutrients. Don't keep for more than 24 hours in the refrigerator.

6. Peel your lemons and limes and cukes. The juicer says you don't have to but it gives your juice a bitter taste if you don't.

7. If you don't like the taste of the juice you have just created, put it in a pretty glass. It tastes better when it looks better. (Or just chug it- that works too!) And the more and longer you juice, the better you like the taste. It really doesn't take long to change your taste buds at least a little.

This Green Juice served 3 (could've served 4 depending on the size of your glass)

1/2 Honey dew melon
1/4 bulb Fennel
1" Ginger
1 Cucumber
5 small white carrots
2 pears
2 green apples
5 small celery stalks
1 green bell pepper

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