Friday, November 6, 2015

a new line of fabrics on spoonflower

 Been designing a whole set of matching fabrics using index cards and markers...

here they are as fabric... 
can't wait to show you whatever i actually create with these....
of course i don't know what that is going to be yet...

 But I have made a bit of progress on my variation of the passacaglia quilt I  mentioned having discovered online a few weeks ago or so...
and did put one of these new fabrics in it so far..

I looked up 'kaleidoscope' in a thesaurus to try to find a name for this quilt and I came up with ...
1.a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination.
2.a changing scene made up of many elements. optical illusion produced by a magic lantern or the like in which figures increase or diminish in size, pass into each other, dissolve, etc.

Hope I can make a quilt worthy of that name!...
unfortunately it is dark this morning so there's not enough light to get a photo that shows the colors properly, but here it is so far, hours in it but many more hours to go....

 here's my one new fabric from spoonflower....about half the fabrics are mine and half are not.

Happy paint party friday and Fabric friday!


  1. very cool looking patterns for fabric and that quilt is looking so beautiful too! Happy PPF!

  2. Love your patterns - and the quilt is beautiful!! :)

  3. Those new ones are definitely my cup of tea.... I LOVE awesome!! I feel some change in the air here!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Awesome!! what beautiful patterns!

  5. Wow these are amazing! The quilt is so beautiful.

  6. I love your designs, the fabrics are so amazing!