Friday, January 9, 2015

Still painting

I received a comment asking me if i still paint and i was surprised. I thought, well, i have painted a ton lately, then i realized i haven't. It's been months actually. I have painted a bit, and have done some work in my sketchbooks but haven't actually painted a painting in quite some time. I have been busy on my work breaks reading and writing and making things and carving, and i have painted my carvings.....but very little painting of pictures.

And so today i painted.... But still not on canvas or paper. I painted on these....

Aren't they cool!
My mother (and her friend) made them for me and they have been sitting there blankly waiting while i pondered how i wanted them to look. In the end i hadn't actually made a decision... I just started. But i am very happy with the first one so far...     Yes, I know her eyes are crooked, my face is crooked, why shouldn't hers be?

Please excuse I am posting her in her underwear, a skirt and hair to come...
I can't actually picture how the rest will look yet but i think they need to have a story... Maybe they will all go on an adventure together in the woods behind my house. I can see them playing on a quilt in the snow for a winter picnic.

And just in case you have been paying attention and remember that my word of the year is "complete" and are thinking.... "She's starting something new instead of finishing her other books..." Well you are not completely right. I have had these long enough and thought about them enough that these are one of the things i have been wanting to complete this year. And i have plans for so many little books this year that i think these need to be one of them. I saw a website that actually printed tiny playing card sized books from your photos and i think these would be great for that. But, of course, now i can't remember which site i was on when i saw that. If anyone knows of one, ease let me know.

Happy paint party friday! Hope everyone's new year is going as planned!


  1. Kind of reminded me of a tooth in their nakedness.

  2. wonderfully whimsical and unique-love your doll!

  3. Oh I LOVE LOVE Love this whimsical gal...adorable....can't wait to see her clothes!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I thought of teeth, too. Love her crooked eyes!! :)

  5. Wow, great start of this project!!! Looking out for more!!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  6. They are so much fun! I love her eyes!! I always manage to make my ladies faces a little crooked :-P