Monday, January 12, 2015

been carving a few more birds, all three almost ready to sand.....

First I roughly sketch a bird shape on the side and the top view... and if I have someone with the right tools i saw the extra pieces off. If not I just start carving....
at that point it is very simple... you just carve away the edges, and take away what is not bird. As you go it is very easy to know which way to carve with the grain: one way gouges out too big of chunks and the other way lets you take little bits at a time. After a few cuts I had the hang of it. The only tools I really use so far of the ones I bought are the knives and these gloves. I started out without them and sliced my hand pretty good so now I always wear them!


  1. Oh, this little bird is precious, there is something tender about it that makes me love it...

  2. Something I have never tried, but would definitely need those cool gloves. (Have been known to cut myself with sharp objects.) This fascinates me! The sweet little bird is coming along beautifully. Will you paint them?

  3. This is fascinating to see. I've wondered how carvers take a block of wood and create something so beautiful. I think I would like to try this. For a newbie what kind of tools do you have to get? Did you have someone teach you or did you just dive in with some videos?