Friday, July 11, 2014

I have done it again...

*! SCatteREd creAtiviTY !?*

I keep starting paintings without finishing others, i have at least 10 going I all different styles, i want to use acrylic ink lines over top of these bright watercolors, I wanted to make a looser mandala... then I have also started a bunch more realistic white flowers (i have masked the white out and stopped there) and I am trying to finish up some bird paintings I started last winter, and still writing

If you'd rather see something finished I did post The Bee Queen piece can see it here


  1. My, you are busy. All the different starts are wonderful. If you feel like birds one day, do birds that day. Mandalas another day, do mandalas that day. Wonderful to have so many areas of talent. Your colors are awesome.

  2. What a gorgeous new style....I love all of these finished or not!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. very inspiring to see what is on your desk... they aren't unfinished,just exciting beginnings... I always have a million things on the go... suits my scattered brain i think...xx

  4. Even when I have multiple paintings going - I usually finish with one at a time. That's what makes the art community so interesting - we all have different brains!! It's ok to work in multiple styles - I do it all the time. But there is almost always a unique something that makes it your work. The paintings all look wonderful.

  5. Your different paintings/projects and styles are so fun!
    My PPF post ( includes several paintings I finished the last couple of months, during an on-line workshop!! I'd be waiting for more 'information' from the piece for the class, & one of my others would nudge me!! It was nice to actually COMPLETE several I'd started this spring!!
    There are so many styles & ways we do things - fun to see!!

  6. Sounds like my place. Projects here and there. I have been trying to finish some of them up lately. I hope you get to some of yours, too. They look like great starts. :)

  7. I like seeing all of your art finished or not. Having many things started is actually good. You can work on them as you like.

  8. Your work is beautiful! I love the girl :-) I always have a million things on the go at once...I really should stop that too :-P