Thursday, June 12, 2014

work in progress.... a novel called Wild Phlox Season

I know I said I would have a video, but not only didn't i finish putting the video together, I didn't finish that painting from last week...
 instead, i started another, did a bunch of little sketches, and wrote. 
It is, for some reason, embarrassing to admit I am trying to write a novel.
 I have no writing experience, except of course I read and write a lot. 
But I have never tried to write a novel. 
It seems too daring and self-important.
And then if it's bad, it would be humiliating, and if I never finish it would be one more thing I didn't complete...
 the list of why not to admit this out loud is endless. 
But I am trying anyways because these 6 women are in my head, and they do stuff in my imagination all the time, so why not try to get it all out on paper.
 I have been slowly working on it since November.
And I have had the idea since I did 29 faces 2 years ago...
Sometimes, writing it for me has been about sketching things from it, or drawing maps, writing out their family trees and fun stuff. 
Really, I have no idea on how to write a novel so I am just stumbling along and we'll see.....


  1. Good on you for trying this! Starting is often the hard part, and you just did that! Looks like you've given it a lot of thought already. Love all the details.

  2. Oh my gosh... I totally love this idea and how you are sketching out your time line for the story. I can just see these illustrations inside the front cover of your book. Fabulous!

  3. Love how you're using that wonderful sketch for your novel-and good for you to put it out there and DO it!

  4. How very exciting that you actually are doing it. I wish you the very best of luck, and I'm sure you can do it. I love the maps you've done they're so detailed. Your style is very easy to like too. I just had to push your follow button, I have to keep updated on your work.

  5. This is just wonderful. I love how you sketched it all out. Well done

  6. Love these maps and the workings of your imagination. Writing a novel is a great thing to do. All of the great authors had never written a novel either.... until they wrote their first one. Check out NaNoWriMo for some inspiration and support. Hugs, Teresa

  7. Currently you have ideas, and what you see, you'll have the perseverance to finish and publish it, luck and courage. Saludos

  8. Love your wonderful lil world here, the streets and beautiful houses and all those trees! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  9. You are not alone....I have friends that have day jobs and have been writing unpublished novels for years! Just do aren't the first...think of yourself more as a conduit for something that needs to be told. It's not selfish....spirit moves through us....get it down before it disappears!! I have one friend who said she would have 8 novels published years ago...and she did....and is an award winning writer who was an elementary school teacher years ago... You have to get all the nasty gremlin talk out of your head and believe......she was most successful because she believed she would be! You can be too....!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Good for you! Go for it! Enjoy yourself and don't worry about anything--just write and let these ladies out. ;)

  11. What a lovely journal! I found you through the link you posted for 'Journal Every Day' and came to see what you'd done because I'm a writer, too. You've inspired me to go on with my idea for a journal for my novel writing. Gorgeous work with your maps, and with the calendar to keep your plot timing straight. I like the homestead map especially. It's the kind of thing someone might draw when planning, filling in how to lay out their dream home. Really terrific. I hope it helps you hit the NYT lists!

  12. hurray for you…taking the first step by putting your ideas to paper! i have been writing books (in my head!) for a few years now. Maybe someday I'll put them on paper :-\