Wednesday, June 25, 2014

my raised beds...

I showed you my new unplanted raised beds a month or so ago, I have planted a few with herbs, one with peppers, one with tomatoes, one with cukes and dill, etc etc. Here's a few pics of my rocks and plants a few weeks ago...

 looks like the store labeled that wrong...

Until this year, I hadn't had a garden in YEARS, so maybe this is normal but it seems my garden is busting out, way more than I expected. I am loving checking it everyday. It's close to the house so I can step out my door and see that the peppers have grown overnight!. And so far no bunnies or deer have eatten a thing. I did three things different than last time I tried a garden and it got eatten by a woodchuck.

I put little pill bottles of vinegar around in between the plants....
I planted onions and marigolds in front of the peas and tomatoes, and there are alot of pepper plants all over...
I have 2 outdoor cats and 2 dogs that pee all over the yard....

whichever one has helped I am grateful for, because the garden is doing soooo well!

 here are some pictures from this morning in the rain...

 there's another new garden ornament....

Isn't it EXCITING!


  1. Your garden is looking so awesome!
    The squash plants are so big! Don't you just love those huge blossoms?☺
    Mine is getting a bit of a slow start this year ~ cool temps, rain and moose;(
    But there's still time☺

  2. Your garden is beautiful. I live where there are a b-zillion deer and have found through the years that they do not like herbs so yours are safe..the peppers however, are doing wondrous for you! Good luck on that charming garden-I also love your little river rock markers.

  3. Wow...what a gorgeous garden you have going!! That's wonderful to hear that it's doing so well. ^_^ There is nothing in this world that can compare to eating veggies that you have grown yourself. I've always wanted a garden, but where my current apartment it, well, it's not the best to hold a garden on.

  4. How does your garden grow? Wonderfully! Enjoy the green!

  5. This is absolut amazing! Love your Herbst and all The other beauties!
    Greetings from Erika

  6. Gosh they all look so healthy and lush! I just knew you'd label your plants with pretty rocks. ;)