Monday, June 4, 2012

the tree house porch in a boring post today!

I know I had said I would post something about the secret dream skirt society each monday, but I don't have anything today....I ended up making this little button wreath instead. Not sure why, just felt like making something with buttons...

And since I am trying to do something with my art, like I mentioned on friday, the first thing I thought I'd do is hang some of it. So on my little side porch off our bedroom upsatirs, so it seems like a tree house, I hung some old art. I  debated: paint over it or hang it up, so this won.

It was apparently not light enough to get good photos this morning. If everything stays where I put it, (my son a has a thing for everything being in it's place, which would be fine if we could understand why somethings belong where they do in his mind. For example: pillow cases do not belong on pillows, they go in the corner, shoes have to be lined up, dvd's belong by the front door for a month after they are purchased before they can go on the DVD shelf, and used popsicle sticks go down the cold air vent),...... then I will add more art, other artist's and inspiring stuff. Then I'll get some better photos, and even show you the whole porch. I have big plans for making it a summer art room/play room because my son loves it up there. We'll see how this goes!


  1. I hope your son likes your art on show like this, fabulous wall to use. Still planning my secret dream skirt shhhhh.... :D XXX

  2. Your button wreath is wonderful and paintings do deserve to be hung where they can be appreciated.

  3. Looks and sounds like a magical place! Your work looks great on those fab wood walls....I hope your son agrees :)