Saturday, December 17, 2011


photo.JPG by lelloavengers
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.

The story of my morning a few days ago is typical of my life lately.... Hectic and scattered and distracted. It's my own fault, I start by walking to a room and instead of wondering why I'm there, I think, "oh, I meant to go to the pantry first", so I leave to go to the pantry and get there and think, oops, I meant to stop and get the scissors, so I go get them and head out to check on my son. He wants waffles so I pop two in the toaster and head to the bathroom again forgetting the scissors and have to walk back to get them again.... After probably another Circle around the house I actually manage to cut the tag off his pants, put the scissors away and get the waffles to him. Everything seems to involve 3 more trips around the house than would actually be necessary, but I'm still getting things done so all is good. I get him dressed, go to brush my teeth, (impressed with myself for remembering right off)check myself in the mirror, (which honestly most mornings I don't actually do)and therefore realize my outfit does not match. So I start to change, hear the bus out front, and run downstairs to get my son's coat on and see that he's taken most of his clothes off again. We do manage to redress and get to the bus with a backpack and lunch before they leave, which seems amazing in itself!
So now I have 15 minutes before I leave for work, and I have to testify in court today so want to at least appear put together.... I change my clothes 5 times, "put together" doesn't seem possible today so I give up and head out, snagging my head back when I walk out the door because I've gotten my scarf caught on the door handle,( you just don't want to even know how many times I've done THIS!)

So anyway, I'm about five minutes later than usual and driving up what we all call the gulch road, a very narrow, windy, curvy road with steep sides, I come upon a very bad accident, a head on collision that happened 5 minutes before I arrived.... Just when I normally am driving through. No one was seriously hurt, but I'm shocked because the cars look totally crumpled.

Anyway, this was my little reminder to wake up, get focused, organized and slow down to pay attention to the moment I am in! I'm really going to try to stop rushing and getting farther behind because of it....

Linking up to butterfly effect as the theme this week is storytelling.


  1. Great doodling! :) Those mornings happen sometimes. :) Lucky you, you were 5 minutes late. ;)

  2. Wow....makes you wonder about other narrow misses we've had in Life!
    I'm looking forward to a general slowing down of things, too....I feel like I have way more on my plate than I want....but can't say no to.

    Great drawing! Comes across exactly as you feel :)

  3. Wonderful sketches ~ Too much happening around the holidays ~ 'all we can do is what we can do' ~ Happy Holidays ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy AIBL ^_^

  4. Love the doodling of your morning. I feel that as life just seems to get busier and busier, we do tend to forget what is important at that time.

  5. you are so right of stop rushing. For me it is one of my main challenges these days ;-) To be in my own flow that is my great goal, thank you for reminding me again :-) Happy holidays !! Your scetch is great and I ablolutly like your cat, look at her, SHE is absolutly in the flow hehe

  6. Yep, sounds exactly like my mornings(except I'm heading for the shops rather than work), and no matter how I try, it's other people who mess up my schedule.
    Fabulous doodling, and so glad you were late for the collision :D XXX

  7. This kind of thing has happened to me before. And isn't it interesting how some part of you knows that the scarf in the door or the undressed kiddo was really the Universe's way of keeping you exactly where you needed to be ?
    I hope you have many moments that go from hectic to peaceful this week, Lovely One !

  8. sometimes when things like this happen it does make you think all those little distractions happened for a reason. i'm glad no one was hurt but how lucky you were late that morning!