Tuesday, December 27, 2011


photo.JPG by lelloavengers
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.

I tend to want to join every site I see on the Internet, do every challenge, pin everything onto my pinterest site.... It gets overwhelming actually. and at home, I think I have to do everything, fix everything then when I can't I get stressed....

But I'm not feeling as frantic as I was a week ago. For one my husband, the rock, reminded me that it's all ok. he's very good at that actually. And secondly I joined the free e-mails from Goddess leoni and listened to her meditation and felt better! Just one quick meditation, no big deal buti haven't done that in awhile and it reminded me it helps.

I'm adding a link to her site on the side bar where you can sign up for free e-mails or buy all sorts of products...

I' m also adding a few other new links, which would seem like I' m continuing to try to do too much but the two new links "book of days", and "52 play dates"are both free sites where you will find weekly inspiration on art journalist and I' m hoping it will inspire me to art journal regularly which was going to be one of my resolutions. I may give up trying to do challenges with given themes and I may even quit my etsy shop, haven't decided on that....and just work in my art journal. Effy Wild's book of days, asks you to get a new book ready and pick a word for your year.... to center your art around, I didn't even have to dwell on that one.....

I need to find BALANCE. My word for the year.

So here's another few of those little happy thought paper dolls I've been painting with my new word! Sorry it's at touch blurry...

I.m linking this up to butterfly effect as their theme is resolutions, and I plan to make an art journal page with all my resolutions soon!


  1. Hi I am for the first time on your site and what I see is beautiful art work. Super.
    Lovely greet

  2. BALANCE is a real good choice ( I often have the same probem with all the things I want to do with way too many time for...) My word is COMMITMENT, and I want to finish my page soon...I really like your ladies, because they don´t rise or fall, they float inbetween :-) xoxo Piarom

  3. You and me both, with the balance and meditation thing Andrea :D Might check out that book challenge, and loving all your paper dolls :D XXX

  4. I'm the same way and try to do everything. :) But in the end it's what you stick with that matters most. Wishing you luck with your new projects and of course lots of balance. :)

  5. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. I am determined to limit my blog challenges in 2012 as I've been running from pillar to post this year. I love to follow everyone's blogs tho' but might limit those as well... shame, as they are sooo inspiring.

  6. Balance is a great word for the year. It was high on my list but as of now my word is trust. I think I have to have more trust that things will work out as they should. Of course, this is the third word I have chosen so we will see what happens by the first. Hopefully, something will stick. I love your happy thought paper dolls.

  7. Balance seems like a most perfect word...
    I love the way your art has so many faces. You are talented like that, mine all seem to look the same.
    Happy New (most favorite) Year!!!

  8. Now this is something I can relate to. Balance. A perfect word to start the New Year.

    Have a good one Andrea.

  9. Balance, yes....and moderation....
    We could rule the world if we mastered those....haha!

    Here's to a new year of trying, at least :)

  10. Andrea, i love this. I totally hear what you are saying. I am the same way - i'm a joiner - i always want to participate and be involved... and then it gets so overwhelming.