Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy paint party Friday

Been spending a lot of time on instagram lately... no need to come up with much to say there and it is easy to just post a quick photo of whatever I am working on at the moment. There is also a group on instagram posting a #marchmeetthemaker series of daily posts that I have played along with... so here are some of the photos I have posted there....

Some random  pages from my sketchbook done for practice or other various reasons ...



And from meet the maker this is me.....

And these are my favorite things to create: colorful watercolor; colorful fabric and things from my fabric like dolls or quilts, and then last; colorful felt thingys.


And for day three: a photo of my work area but since I work at my desk on breaks from my day job or at home on the dining room table or couch, I just photographed these guys who over look my desk and watch over my art.

And lastly day 4 tomorrow will be my favorite art supplies.....I have a lot of other supplies but these are my everyday go to stuff: watercolor brush, travel watercolor set that I put together from tube watercolors, #2 pencil, water jar with a waterproof lid so I can travel, paper towel, pencil sharpener and salt. I didn't show my strathmore visual journal but that is my favorite kind of sketchbook. 


So see you around, here or on instagram!


  1. Great post, Andrea! I love your sketchbook pages. Those little critters overseeing your art desk are so sweet. Nice to 'meet' you. Happy PPF! :)

  2. I love the birds, so great and funny.
    Wonderful post !
    Warm regards from Germany

  3. Hello Andrea, your journal pages are so beautiful, especially the cute birds and their many moods. You've been very creative, instagram is good for that random pic or thought! Cheers now :D)

  4. Wow, lots of things to show! I love that page with all the legs and shoes :-) I have been planning on making an account on Instagram since ages, but still didn't do it. I kinda like those square pictures ...

  5. love your birds and all the different hats :D

  6. Wow lots of goodies on her this week. I can't get on Instagram with my PC and I don't have a smart phone. So I can go see what you are doing there. Those birds are amazing as is all of your art.

  7. You have been most prolifie. Just love this work and your lettering is superb! xox

  8. Thanks for sharing all those many wonderful sides of yourself and your art!! Enjoyable!!

    Hugs Giggles