Thursday, August 25, 2016

A color wheel of sorts

This is the Daler-Rownwy travel watercolor set I use all the time....I use the one brush that came in the set for EVERYTHING!
I have been meaning to for quite some time, but I have never taken the time to paint up a color wheel with it... Until now.
I wanted to see how some of the mixes would work, and to have a reference when I went to mix certain colors, especially violet as there is no purple in the set. 
So I traced a heart over and over on two pages in my sketchbook, then painted the colors straight from the set down the left side and across the bottom. 
Next I sprinkled salt in each while they were still wet to get an interesting texture.
Then I started mixing colors, equal parts of each, and lightly labeled the numbers of the colors mixed (example: 2+3) since I no longer know the names of the colors in this set. I tried to be neater than usual to get a true mix of the two colors. As you can tell from the looks of my paints, I don't normally worry about what colors get mixed in, I prefer to mix colors right on top of the paint instead of obsessing about keeping the colors pure. It seems to work for me and doesn't end up looking muddy as much as you might expect.

I like the end result and might try doing one up for a fabric like this, or wait till I get photoshop back and use this itself for the fabric, once I can manipulate it a bit so that I can get a repeat with it that will work.  We shall see...


  1. I would say it turned out quite nice and love the interesting tectures ... even see a few faces in amongst them. I do admire the way you can stay in the lines with a paint brush ... I was never that good :) Very nice Andrea ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Beautiful! And what a great idea!

  3. pretty pges :) I do the same when using watercolours, usually just mix the colours right on top of each other, rarely use a pallet

  4. Beautiful and a fabulous idea for a paint for a paint wheel...but the fabric is an even better idea!! Hearts are always my favourite!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. That is the sweetest color wheel EVER! I love the effect of the salt too. . .

    I'm rather the same with polymer clay. I mix colors and never worry about the names of the colors or getting it to be the same twice over. . . it's just fun to see where it goes. :)

  6. Wow this turned out fabulously. Very nicely done.

  7. All those colours are a feast for the eyes! I love the effect of the salt :)