Tuesday, June 7, 2016

creative tuesdays

I haven't joined in with this creative group of people in quite some time, but when I saw their challenge was all about showing children this time, and heading off "into the world of childlike wonder, imagination, curiosity." I decided I had to play along, and do another one of my alphabet girls...

 I thought it was kind of funny that when I planned to do a young girl, she ended up looking older with her curves and fancy hat, and her expression....
so I did a second one to get them back to being children like I had been doing before I actually was thinking about their age... 
so here's Moxie! 
and her mouse dressed like Mermaids.....
(I would love a skirt like this!)

see you friday with more ....


  1. Great job with these childlike pieces Andrea, they are magical!

  2. Love them both! How creative!

  3. I like Moxie the most, I like her mermaid outfit and her mouse dressed like a mermaid, so darn cute, those two but I do like Rhoda and her bunny too. these are lovely.

    have a sweet day.

  4. Your art just puts a smile on my face.
    "Feeling sad?"
    Go to "Falling Ladies Blog" and get cheered up :)
    Your have an amazing talent!

  5. Wonderful watercolors and such expressive children. So clever that mermaid. Love her scales.

  6. WOW! they are both really amazing, Andrea! I LOVE it, especially Moxie with her red cheeks. Perfectly wondrous for this theme. So glad you joined in. I love their fin/mermaid like pieces too. Very well done! LOVELy to see you again adn thank you for following along, even if from a distance. That's ok too. :)

    BTW, I went to look at you side bar links and some of them don't work. You might want to update that.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the links, i will check into it

  7. Both of these are just so lovely and very imaginative. Love that mermaid mouse!

  8. Two wonderful new creations Andrea! I adore Moxie and her mouse. . . and the pure joy of a mouse dressed with a mermaids tail!!! :) And I love Rhoda (haven't heard that name forEVER!) and her rabbit. . . she is very modern looking glass/"Alice"/hatter all rolled into one I think! Lovely!! YAY!!

  9. These are SUPER cute! Awww...LOVE the red hair. Very whimsical. Awwww :)

  10. These gals are stunning I hope they ALL end up in a childs book...wow impressive work...I love this style soooo much!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Both amazingly adorable! I just love your watercolor style and details. So charming! One slightly sophisticated (maybe not a child but a young, stylish girl), and one totally whimsical and adorable with mouse and mermaid outfits!