Friday, April 15, 2016


Another friday has come again so quickly...
I thought we were due for spring, I had some flowers up in my yard, little crocuses and then we got snow...
inches of snow...
days of snow...

But it has all melted again now 
and I have been working on a mandala (still in progress)

 for my e-class; 
Falling Into Mandalas 

coming out in July, 2016
You can signup at coursecraft here
 (also still in progress),

and I have been working on little alphabet children
 (I can't decide between detailing in pencil.... or pen. Goldie and Tim are pen, and Annie and Meg are pencil.)  

And I have been working on some fabric too, 
for Spoonflower's "Sprout" contest...
they are looking for a fabric that would work well in a Kimono style pattern. 

See you soon,


  1. What a lovely and interesting post. Love, love, love the alphabet cards and so sorry for the snow.
    Happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  2. oh that snow!!! We had some last Sat but thankfully it was just a wet snow that melted very quickly. Super variety of art! I am quite partial to the alphabet series:) Thank you so much for your lovely Mandala book I received! I am working on my first piece now and will share it along with the book next week:)

  3. The alphabet is simply wonderful and the mandala has so wonderful colours. Hope the snow melts fast. Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

  4. Beautiful art this week. My favorite is the children and animals series.

  5. So much yumminess...even the sad snow... on the poor flowers!! Love your alphabet book...the pen seems to show up better... gorgeous work though. Your spoonflower pattern is awesome too! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. You are busy busy, cutest ever sketches and love the kimono inspired fabric design. Snow, well, what are you going to do. xox

  7. The snow just wants to linger. Love all the art and I can't help with pencil or pen. They all look great.
    Have a sunny weekend.

  8. Ok, I know you are probably OVER it with Spring being here but oh, oh OH I would give anything for a blanketing snowfall. . . we had zero this year, not even our usual one measurable snow this year. I am planning to visit home in PA next February and hoping for a big snowfall while there! :)

    The alphabet kids are SOOOOOo delightful Andrea! I too am torn between pencil or pen. I want to say pencil because it's softer. . . seems to work better with the theme for me. :)

    The fabric is just wonderful too! I heard a podcast interview with the creator of Spoonflower yesterday and it got me interested in designing fabric too! lol

  9. I hope the snow has gone by now and spring is on its way for you! It's still freezing here although the flowers are budding into life regardless.
    I love those alphabet children - they're so cute. I prefer the detailing in ink, I think it finishes them off and gives them more definition but either way is lovely.

  10. I adore your alphabet pages!!!
    I would think this is a book that would be accepted by a publisher!
    guessing you are beyond snow now, but who knows with the craziness of weather these days. Wishing you a lovely spring.