Friday, April 22, 2016

hello spring finally

This week the snow is gone and we've had beautiful 80 degree weather...
what a difference a few days made...
there are tiny snow drops all over my overgrown flower beds... 
and the little purple flower are back in my yard, not violets yet, but something else, (I can't remember their name)...
actually I shouldn't have even mentioned them as I don't have a photo... 
But the purplish weed photographed is dead nettle. 
I do have tons of that up...
and I tried it in a salad this week as it is supposedly very good for you and completely edible. 
I didn't mind it but my family hated it.
 I did read on other websites that people often put it in smoothies instead of salads to get the nutrients without the texture.
 maybe I will try that,

as for art,
 I did a variety of things but only have one thing to show...
do you remember BigBig from last summer? 
(If not, then click here for one of many posts about our trip with Bigbig)
well, he was going to be in my alphabet book on the B page with this tiny sketch of him, but then I went back to an old idea I had for him and am off into a new/old direction!
I will let you know where it takes me later.
(I love twisted paths and divergent roads anyway...........)


  1. Guess I will have to get acquainted with BigBig:-)

  2. Oh, your bird is adorable!! It will be fun to see what path he takes.

  3. BigBig is so cute and your flowers lovely! So great to see Spring flowers after a long winter...

  4. I have those purple flower weeds everywhere too. I love pretty flower weeds. I say they don't know they are weeds they just show up and keeping showing their best.

  5. Sweet bird page! I have tons of that purple nettle growing in our yard- but we also have a dog that roams freely about so it won't be part of any salad we would eat:):)

  6. Adorable bird page, and beautiful photos...can't wait to see the direction you take. Everything you do lately has been amazing!! Good luck!

    Hugs Giggles