Friday, October 9, 2015

coloring book pages of Unruly Flowers

Last Saturday I posted a giveaway for 3 copies of the heART digital coloring book... that doesn't end until october 15th if you want a copy... click here to take you to that post to comment for your chance!

As I have a mandala in it that means I finally got it figured out...
photoshop is a struggle when you just don't know what you are doing...but now I do have some coloring book pages available in my etsy shop to download and print yourself...

I found it works best to not hit fit to page when printing as I have them set to a little less than a standard copy page so it should print smaller to give you a bit of a white border ...
and I found that I liked some of the lines being less dark, when you print them, it's not a mistake and you are not low on ink. you can still see to color them but they aren't as prevalent as some coloring books so it will look a little more artsy when you are done than like a page you colored...
you could print on regular copy paper for kids to color with crayons, or print it on cardstock to frame,
but my favorite would be to print on watercolor paper to end up with a piece just like mine when I was done... I did about 7 of these in my sketchbook...they are in various stages of completeness...

 This is the one you have seen before in my sketchbook and that I used to create that fabric with the giant flower that became a tiny pouch... 


  1. these are really beautiful...i love your watercolor paintings!!

  2. It's fantastic artwork you are always creating and always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  3. Your artwork is exquisite. It fills my eyes to the brim. These paintings remind me of the beautiful artwork of the early 1900's. Enchanting!

  4. Looking beautiful ... I'm sure lots of people will have fun colouring these in!

  5. they are freakin beautiful... like serious eye candy there... they have my hands itching to add some colour...xx

  6. These are so very pretty! :) :)

  7. Your garden art is simply beautiful.

  8. They are gorgeous! Love all the details and variation in them.

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