Friday, October 23, 2015

2016 tea towel calendar

I worked on this design ALLweek. 
That is unusual for me; to stick to one piece all week, plus to add this much detail....
it's a large piece and I did very small designs.
i just need to add in the days of each month and it will be ready to print at spoonflower into a linen tea towel. 
I am not sure if i want to add color, maybe just one, or maybe just a few in the open month shapes, or maybe lots of colors all over. I could leave it blank to be colored in permanent markers...
I just don't know.

But I did take one luch hour off to go see the water...
a beautiful fall day
 (before the day of snow we already had)
and I found a mushroom that matched my shoes.
 I always feel like I won a prize when I find a mushroom,
since they are easy to miss in the leaves.
And this one was so black lacey looking... I should find out what it's called.
It makes me want to switch gears again and design some mushroom fabric... but no, can't do that yet, gotta finish the coloring book. I do think I will add some mushrooms to my next coloring book pages though... I should have it ready to print a book of ten pages very soon, hopefully show you next week.

(linking to PPF and Fabric friday)

The winners of the heART digital coloring book are...
 Stephanie Stark,
 Rose of Walk in the woods
 and Joan Kubes! 
 Please send me you emails if you haven't already so I can get you your copy.


  1. luv the calendar card; oh ! the mushrooms are adorable; have a happy Friday

    much love...

  2. I love the mushroom photos, too, especially the first one :)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Connie :)

  3. Omg I love your tea towel print...stunning and well that mushroom needs a magazine of it's own..that is a stunning the shoe one the close ups are amazing...thanks for sharing... I LOVED it!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. gorgeous pen work on that calendar Andrea! Congrats on your art gracing PPF's cover this week too! Really beautiful photos -and I too LOVE mushrooms!

  5. Wow!! such detailed pen work. Just beautiful!! I'm glad you DID get up and walk on your lunch. And what awesome fall photos of the water. The mushroom is quite intriguing. I find mushrooms strangely intriguing anyway. I must be weird. hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. that is beautiful... it would be lovely as an A3 poster for birthday dates... just gorgeous... and the mushroom was a perfect match... though a touch scary looking

  7. Fabulous! You must have so much patience. I have the same quandaries about whether to add colour or not or indeed how much. I think it's a winner no matter what you choose.
    That mushroom is so weird but wonderful too. I adore mushrooms... I can't say why I just do.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. The calendar cards are a great idea and beautiful. I love these photos. Also congratulations to your winners.

  9. I adore your calendar cards. My first thought was, "good grief! How'd she do that!" :D Your photos are wonderful, too--I especially love mushrooms. :D