Friday, October 16, 2015

5 things

I have become obsessed with even more new ideas lately. If you have followed me for long you may realize my creativity goes in spurts along certain paths. I draw certain things for awhile, then right in the midst of that I find something new that inspires me and I start that, and so it goes, eventually going back to where I started in circles. It is hard to finish a project but always so tempting to start new ones. But then, when I do finally finish things, I finish a lot all at once. Sadly I haven't quite finished the Bee Queen children's book I started a year ago, or the rest of the 5 or so projects I am working on but I found so many new inspiring things lately. 

1. I made this board of ideas on pinterest because I wanted to decide what to do with the fabric swatches I created at spoonflower lately. I was planning on making a charm quilt. I have always loved them, the look and the story behind a charm quilt. 
I wanted to make a hexagon one as it is just so "charming", and I love the honeycomb shape.

2. But doing that led me to this!!!!!!!!!!! 

3. and this!
4. and this

So stunningly beautiful, and full of possibilities. Any quilters out there may have heard of ... 

5. this book and the Passacaglia quilt I assume, but I had not. Once I found it I started seeing people all over the web are making it and posting about it and every single one is gorgeous! I realized I could take one of my painted mandalas, make part of it into fabric on spoonflower, then using English paper piecing and fussy cutting, I could turn that into a quilted mandala or kaleidoscope or millefiori quilt and it could just go in circles and circles! That seemed so inspiring! So, of course I jumped right in, not waiting to buy the book or the templates or papers, just starting. Nothing so grand as that passaglia quilt right away. As I have never paper pieced that seemed a little to ambitious for my first project, but I did start fussy cutting some hexagons.... Now I am not good at getting corners to match up, I have never been able to. My mother is the quilter, when she pieces a quilt she can't even get her corners to be crooked if she tries. I should do a post of her quilts someday.     But I thought I might be able to get my corners to match with paper piecing, and it turned out a bit better than when I have tried piecing on the machine....I made myself a hexagon template so I could see the piece I was cutting...

And after a week, using mostly my fabrics from spoonflower but also some "borrowed" from my mother, I am here...

*linking with paintpartyfriday as I feel I am "painting"with fabric, and also to  fabric friday....


  1. Hello Lady, I am finally back to the blogging scene. Loved this post. I am so like you in that I love to do any kind of craft. Keep everything from toilet paper rolls to old jewelry. Check my neck of the woods and see my project for now. Making 400 paper bead bracelets and 100 key fobs for the Sisters of Charity missions. If you have time that post is back a few days. Blessings to you and yours. Working with paper beads and matching them with regular beads is almost like quilting. I get to choose colors and patterns just like in a quilt.

  2. I can SO relate to your first thoughts about your creative endeavors:):) Gorgeous hexagon inspired art!

  3. I too have been all over the place creatively in my lifetime! What ever feeds the soul I say! Can't wait to see the completed quilt...stunning piece of artwork it will be!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Reading your words made me think most artists can turn right, left or even do a u-turn on a whim if something inspires us. That's what's so wonderful to be creative. It's never dull or boring.
    I've never heard of a charm quilt. Your close up photos are great.
    Happy PPF to you

  5. Oh my gosh!! SO beautiful!! I quilted long ago, when the kids were little - seeing this makes me want to do it again! Really wonderful work :)

  6. WOW! This fills my eyes. How incredibly beautiful.

  7. Wow this post is just beautiful. I keep going back to look at the photos. Thank you.

  8. It's phantastic what you are planning and doing with the spoon flower fabric you recently created. It's really enchanting! And I found myself in your notes. Just this evening I told my husband about that problem of the difficulty to finish things because of the thousands of new ideas I have every day.

  9. So pretty! I love your Pinterest boards!! I'd also suggest TheDIYAddict's La Passacaglia Beginners Guide