Friday, January 18, 2013

Eatting last week's words

As soon as you say something, everything changes to prove you wrong.
I said I was done with the falling ladies....

i haven't felt like painting them in over a year...
then people commented nice things about them...

and i thought, "well i could do them with just one color like I have been doing with my latest mandalas"

Now, I have soooo many ideas for painting falling ladies...

I finished two this week already...
here's the first...

before the 2nd here are a couple photos of my week...
just because....

and a bit more surreal than usual...

Falling with a pig
don't we all do this sometimes?
 wearing pink ribbons?

well, happy paint party friday and hello to everyone at Haiku my heart... both wonderful places to stop by on a friday! see you!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you changed your mind....these ladies are FABULOUS!! Happy PPF!

  2. I agree with Kim and am thrilled you have changed your mind. Have always adored your falling ladies and these new ones are thrilling and amazing. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  3. WOnDERful- I'm so glad you did a few more! I love all your work, but the falling ladies are near and to me because they are what you were doing when I first met you!

  4. The lady with the pig, falling, is wonderful! :-)
    Happy PPF!

  5. LOVE them; the pig and lady are brilliant!

  6. These are both GORGEOUS! I had to put that in all caps because truly.... Love the ladies and the night backgrounds - WOW - something about Maurice Sendack and In the Night Kitchen is reverberating through my mind. Beautiful work. And I love your pup and kitty too!

  7. wonderful ~ your falling ladies are getting very sophisticated and done so well ~

    love the photos of your week ~ endearing and lovely ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. Wow! Love them! So happy you are "eating your words"...

    (Love that Moon!)

  9. "Falling Ladies" seems to be your trademark. I'd hate for you to stop completely. Glad you posted the latest two. They are so ethereal and lovely.

  10. Oh wow, don't ever completely stop making them please, 'cos they're awesome! love it!

  11. I have to say that I have never seen your falling ladies. I think I arrived after you switched gears. Stunning - really!!! I think its good to try new things and to try new avenues. I think then, when we return to the things we love - they are that much better as we bring back with us our new learnings from our last adventure. Beautiful. I especially love the idea of falling with a pig and wearing pink ribbons!

  12. I think your falling ladies have been developing and blossoming even though you haven't painted them for a long time; the new ones are just awesome! Beautifully drawn, mysterious and intriguing and I love the way you paint night sky!

  13. These new falling ladies are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
    I love their grace and the story they tell.
    What kind of doggy do you have? Reminds me of my min-pin. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. these are utterly fantastic-wow!!!!! You are meant to keep doing your falling ladies for sure-love em!!!

  15. These are wonderful!! I like that they are dark and mysterious, but still a whimsical feel to them.

  16. hey! i sent you an email but i wanted to follow up just in case it ended in your spam folder.

    also, hey - it's been awhile since i've blogged around so i haven't seen anyone's art in a bit - this is the first time for me to see yours in months and WOWZERS - so much growth.

    i've always admired your work, but it's at a whole new level now. really beautiful.


  17. OH! Andrea! This is the best stuff ever!!!
    I couldn't believe the first one with the red ribbons...reminding me of a fairy tale, or maybe some short story I wrote in high school...I smiled and cheered YES!!!
    Then I was scrambling past the cute kitty sitting on those cool stairs, the black and blue sky and the skinny dog, just so I could see the next Falling Lady! Funny Haiku too! Now I have to go back and re-look at your post, now that I know how it turns out, I can slow down. ♥♥

  18. Okay, it was all as great as I thought...I fell FOR a pig, never WITH a pig...that about sums me up.
    You are amazing!

  19. I am so glad the falling ladies are back. I really missed them. These are both beautiful but I love the first one. I keep going back again and again to look at her and take in all of the details.

  20. Hi Andrea. So glad you are doing your falling ladies again. I just love them all.

  21. I LOVE both of these pieces
    they are wonderful to consider and wonderfully unique as well.

  22. first time here. what a sweet face on the pig, love it! sweet haiku

  23. Oh Wow! Those ladies rfused to let go, didn't they?! Beautiful!

    ....and that cloud filled sky pic *swoon*

  24. Why, yes, I fall with pigs all the time! **smile, smile, smile**

    Thank you for bringing joy to my heart this morning.

    Love Story

  25. In the words of the great master (Buzz Lightyear)"Not falling....flying!" That glorious woman looks as if she has launched herself into the air with total confidence...absolutely gorgeous! :D XXX

  26. Andrea!!!! These are amazing! AMAZING! I'm going to think of falling with pink pigs all day! And the sky with the ribbons... it so captures so many emotions... I love these all the more, because you let yourself say you were letting them go... and look what came in the space of your allowing for something new to well up from you... so fortunate are we to get to visit here...

  27. These are fabulous - I love the piggy!! I'm happy that your Falling Ladies Muse has returned!

  28. These are again, falling with a pig! Glad you have reconsidered!!

    Hugs Giggles

  29. Andrea ! These are phenomenal !!!The skies ! Just like the winter skies I know so well. You have found a beautiful flow, Lady ! I hope it takes you to some amazing places !

  30. brilliant! using one color as you come back to these ladies. i love it. you gave me a lol moment when i read your haiku. i'm going to keep the words with me (and the smile) all day. happy sunday, andrea.

  31. Absolutely!! And never without the ribbons! I love your falling ladies!

  32. oh beauty!
    the first one swept me away! i love that you have fallen all over again!!!
    lucky us.