Friday, January 25, 2013

3 more ladies conjured...
one ready to show...

color inspired by driving into a sunset this week,

As I work east of where i live, 
i drive into the sun, morning and night most days of the year.
For a short time, i drive home in the dark,
but now, for an even shorter time...
sometimes i get to drive into a sunset!

and more color inspiration..
these have been hanging in my kitchen all fall and winter so far. 
Finally dry enough to grind.
not sure what type of peppers, a variety given to us by a friend...
hot because just grinding had us sneezing and tearing up...

Hot, deep red and rich
homemade pizza imagined
hot spaghetti dreams

As for the lady, i like the mandala medallion behind her, but she looks too much like the magazine model i looked at, the pose is too "fashion"... next week the ladies are lighter, looser, less dramatic more art nouveau and botanical mixed... bet you can't wait to see.

oh, and i do still plan on redoing my blog but i have been working on etsy first... go here for my store and here for my new "about" page where you can actually see me. I tend to hide from view but i am there if you have had a need to know what i look like..."see" you all next week!


  1. Oh I really like your new piece. Really, it's fabulous!

  2. Red hot chili peppers in the deep january cold sounds perfect !
    Love the dark backgrounds of your lady and all of those details...
    Looking very forward to seeing the looser ones ! ;-)
    Happy Friday, Talented One !

  3. She is beautiful ~ your art work has progressed so much ~ Wow! ~ Carol
    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. I love this new direction your ladies are taking, and yes, can't wait to see the more art nouveau versions.

  5. What a wonderfully detailed and powerful lady!
    Love it! Can't wait to see more!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. You are a wonderful artist. I love her face!!! The color just enough.

  7. Your new lady is fabulous! Love her attitude. Happy PPF!

  8. Andrea-wow!!!! What a really fabulous painting!! Love her attitude, the mandala is spectacular, and her hair is awesome!

  9. Gorgeous! Love the colour mixes so vintage!

  10. I love how you've used the mandela in with your beautiful painting....fabulous results. Enjoy the weekend, happy PPF, Annette x

  11. I'm just enjoying the ladies (model like or not ;)) as long as you feel like painting them! I also love the way the mandalas are winding their ways into all your work....VERY cool!
    Happy PPF,

  12. Impressive is the character that has this work. Saludos

  13. Awesome, love the chili as well. Her orange hair is perfect.

  14. This is truly wonderful! That orange really makes it sing.

  15. Wow - she is fierce (in a very good way), Andrea! I love the way your work has evolved... the best of both worlds (ladies and mandalas)... Fantastic!!!


  16. your line work is just so stunning and you balance your lights and darks so perfectly... this one is simply amazing... even called in Phantom to have a look and you got a Whoa that's cool out of her... high praise indeed...xx

  17. beautiful photos and yeah - driving into the sunset--- wonderful. unless the sun's in your eyes.... love the piece so much! love how her hair is the most bright thing there! awesome

  18. Wonderful, creative drama in this detailed artwork! Beautiful!

  19. Fantastic! Love how you have combined your natural girl with mandala and doodles, dark and light, black and white with color! Really like this, totally striking! <3

  20. I don't think I've ever had a hot spaghetti dream before! :)

    New Haiku: None to Rescue

  21. You look exactly as I knew you would, beautiful girl ♥
    You etsy is jam-packed with is just vibrating
    with soulfulness.
    And your right, I can't wait to see next week!
    Your high fashion lady is a spicy-mama ♥♥♥

  22. Wow - that is one powerful lady -- she looks ready for anything. Love the mandala in the background and that coppery color is perfect. So glad you only added the one color to this great piece. Happy PPF!

  23. She's fabulous and to me her 'posed' look seems more Amazonian warrior than fashion model! Aren't sunsets the best! I've seen some beauties in the week we've been in Scotland -You'd have loved the amazing pink sky I saw when walking the dogs at the beach the other day-I was gutted I didn't bring a camera!
    Your about you page is wonderful as is your photo-it's always lovely to put a face to my online friends!

  24. Hello Andrea, love the hot sizzle of your art today and your haiku pizza/pasta imaginings. I see a mermaid when I look at your piece, the currents of water catching her hair and scarf... lovely!

  25. I love the zentangle look to this girl!! Very unique background...Just a wonderful!!

    Happy Saturday to you!

    Hugs Giggles

  26. She is gorgeous! She has a very high fashion....yet, fantasy, look to her! Beautiful!

    Love the Sunset pic, too :)

  27. Thought I had already commented here - I guess not. Love your painting - love the . mandala. Stunning work - Happy PPF

  28. Lovely lady. The colours you used are exactly like the sunset you saw.

  29. I love all that intricate detail and pattern - with just a touch of colour. And her face is far too expressive to be a model!

  30. i haven't visited for awhile. i love how you've used the mandela in the background. and she isn't falling.