Wednesday, January 4, 2012

paint and Palette

Here's a few pages from my book of days... I did a spread of my goals and resolutions in circles, and the next pic shows my "palette" as I usually have only a few minutes hear and there to paint instead of a few hour stretch, so to save time and make it easy to pick up if I have to quit... I just paint right out of the bottle caps and mix colors either in the caps or on the painting. If I had longer I'd use better paints and a real palette, but for now it works!
(linking to paint and palette, you can click on the side bar to see more palettes)

This photo is of another page in my altered book that fits the theme at Butterefly effect of "Into the Woods".  When I heard the theme I expected to think of fairy-tale forests, nature goddesses, fairy houses, sweet dappled woods and such, instead I actually thought of a very real, very clear forest, the forest I seem to have designed in my plan for the year. Somehow I think I expected to write out my goals and they would appear, but now...
I've mapped out the woods, each tree by tree, yet I haven't seemed to have suddenly started to do Yoga more, or eat better or any of those things...
so how to enter the forest?
 that's my dilemma...

I guesss I just need to walk in,
one step at a time...
tree by tree...


  1. Yikes! That forest is so pretty! I love the colors, just 3 and the birch...just so calming and pretty. I took a peek at your Balance Journal...great word choice, I look forward to seeing more in that journal.

  2. I love the woods, you did a great job with the trees!

  3. Yup, you just need to walk right on in there girl... but don't get too tangled up for too long in any stray branches ... unless you want to ...

  4. Don't rush into the forest...stroll in..explore each tree and enjoy the energy each one gives you.
    Glorious representation of the expression...can't see the wood for the trees :D XXX

  5. I love those trees, Andrea! They look so real. I wish I could paint them like that. They are my favorite trees. :)

    As for how to enter ... start with introducing or/and eliminating one thing at a time. Add one yoga day more than you do now and stick with it for a month. Or replace one healthy snack for an unhealthy one this week and next week you replace/add/eliminate something else.

    If you do one thing at a time you won't feel overwhelmed and you're more likely to stick with it. In theory anyway. :) I'm very good at theory. :)))

  6. I want to journal like you...this is GORGEOUS! And thanks for the P & P reminder, I'm going to get something in today- that is now my goal!

  7. aaaawwwwwhhh birch-trees. I like them so much. As I were a child there stood a big one near my sandbox. He was big and old and watch over me... really love how you paint them!!

  8. oh man- your trees are so pretty! and i love the mirror image on the left with the journaling. I never look at anyone else's butterfly effect links before posting my own because I'd get too depressed and stop playing! (I am in a FUNK tonight. I think I need a glass of wine.)

  9. Love your spread and the trees, I love trees full stop. Great challenge !

  10. Thanks for joining Palette & Paint this week. Love your new year resolutions! What an inspiring way to display them too, such a fun idea! It's great to see your palette and paints, the colours are beautiful and painting in the lids seems so practical.

  11. Love your birch trees, beautiful! <3