Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There's a party over at ..
ALL HOLLOWS Grim Blog Party

You should really go check out all the other spooky posts and scary stories, Magaly's even started early and been posting giveaway's...... I haven't felt inspired to write a story yet buthere's some photos...
I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I like walking in cemetaries, in fact I live right next to one, so when I saw this blog party I decided I'd get some good photos of the cemetary, I love it afterall...

 Someone else stacked this little rock cairn and left it... isn't it great?!
But as I looked at them, I realized they certainly weren't spooky so I decided to walk at night to try again.

I went alone, It's close to my house like I said so how bad could it be? But even though it's the Full Blood moon there was NO light under the trees and I could barely see my feet. Imagine crunching through the fall leaves, the sound so loud you know anything lurking out there in the pitch black can hear every move you make. The tall, I mean tall, pines rustle above you with the turkey buzzards that live high in the tops.

It took a bit of adjusting with the camera...but I got some photos... this particular statue has the legend among high school kids that the statue bleeds, you can even see the stains!

It's the same as the second photo above but much different at night!

Even in a place familiar, that you love... it IS creepy after dark on a full moon, I had to run home, couldn't help myself... even though I was afraid I'd fall since I couldn't see 2 feet ahead. When I got home, still out of breath a bit, I walk up on my porch, glad to be back... and my daughter, who I didn't see sitting quietly alone on my front porch, simply says "boo" and I about jump out of my skin. She wouldn't have thought it was soooo funny had I actually had the heart attack I thought I might have!
And...Here's a little sketch since I am more of an artist than a photographer...

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  1. Haha! It's the quiet ones that you have to watch out for :D How fantastic to live so close to a graveyard with such fabulous monuments.
    There's one near me that's over 200 years old, they actually cut the railway through it in the 1800's. It is totally overgrown with ivy and trees, I only found it because the old footpath is still there.
    Love your witchy riding hood. She looks like she's straight off to granny's house :D XXX

  2. Those are fabulous photos--you were very brave to go back alone at night! I love your drawing of the witch with her basket of pumpkins and other Fall fruits! The background is really cool too!

  3. What wonderful pictures! I know what you mean about places being spooky no matter how well you know them after dark.

    What a wonderful AHG post!

  4. Lovely Sketch and I applaud your bravery, you wouldn't find me in a cemetery at night! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I would LOVE to leave next to a graveyard. I need once and I spent so much time there that people began to say I was having an affair with the 87-year-old caretaker. I loved the place, and John B, may his soul be dancing and baking in the Summerlands made the best rumcake in history.

    What a lovely post. And your daughter sounds like a wicked sweet soul!

  6. My daughter and her family lived next to a graveyard for a few months. Her 3 yr old (my granddaughter) began "talking" to some unseen friend (I don't remember the name she called her). This lasted quite some time and my daughter actually believed she may have been visited by a spirit. They have moved and not heard more of it since (from my granddaughter).

    Love the pics and how the night version takes on a whole different "aura". Great sketch too!

  7. Wow, that looks like a beautiful cemetery. I love walking in old graveyards, too! You are brave to go by yourself at night; I have gone once at night, but I didn't have the guts to go very far in. I stayed near the entrance and sat by a tombstone to meditate. (It's actually not the dead I'm afraid of, but rather the living...)

    I especially love the little cairn; I'm totally making on next time I go.

  8. That's a great sketch! Peaceful looking photots.

  9. Your daughter is so funny, love the sketch and photos DEFINITELY have more spook taken of a night, they remind me of the Weeping Angels from a Dr Who episode... Boo! he he :)

  10. Beautiful sketch!Wow you are brave! We have lots of old graveyards in the little mining towns around here that are awesome to walk around in.But I would NEVER have the nerve to go at night!Made a great story for Magaly's party though!Happy PPF too! Deb

  11. Great post! You have courage going to the graveyard at night! I don't think I could do it! You got some great photo's! Everything looks so much different at night! Your daughter is too funny! LOL! Love your sketch!

  12. Oh! I love cemeteries! Especially really old ones with creepy stories about the headstones and such! Great pictures! Definitely looks creepier at night

  13. That statue sure looks different at night. You were brave to go alone in the dark. This was a good post, and I liked reading the last paragraph when you came home and was met by your daughter on the porch. Good one! Boo!
    Wonderful sketch you made!