Saturday, March 5, 2011

this week's stuff...and Illustration Friday

This week I finished a few more needlefelted things with my daughter. These are fun and easy to do at home, unlike the painting that I do at work. I finished Miss Petunia, who is Tweet's girlfriend... and you can see they're very much in LOVE!. I keep thinking of all sorts of stories for them. Maybe I'll make a little 'zine up for them. Not sure yet. I also finished Maybeline's butterfly for her to ride!.

At work I made this painting, thought it was done then as I kept looking at it I just wasn't happy with the amount of contrast so I added black leaves. Which do you like better? Did I ruin it or help it? It's this week's submission to Illustration friday as it's my warning girl... It's also a warning to me to sometimes leave well enough alone and not to go back and rework a painting... but actually in this case I like the second one better.

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  1. I like the second one better too. And I love her petal skirt!

  2. hooray - great addition to the whimsy

  3. Def love the black leaves version!

  4. I adore them all! So very cool!

  5. Hi Andrea, those are such sweet felted little Easter chicks! I agree, the "re worked" version of the painting is my fave, the black adds to atmosphere of "warning", really great. I am so glad to hear my PIF arrived, thanks for letting me know!
    Happy Sunday,
    Jane x

  6. I love your creations. The needle felting is gorgeous. The chickens are adorable. Your paintings are nice. I had to really look to notice the subtle changes in the re-worked artwork. tehehe, I felt like I was playing the game where you have to find all of the differences instead of just enjoying. Go figure!

    Thank you for sharing with Fiber Arts Friday!

  7. I like both paintings. I really like your felt creations too!

  8. Fun! Love the whimsy of the felt characters:)

  9. what fun!!!
    I also like the contrast you added, whimsical drawing!!

  10. I like the second one also, it makes your girl pop out! Your needle felting is adorable. I especially love the chick and her flower.

  11. Wow-you are a very talented artist!! I also like to needle felt with my that my son is 16 he doesn't do much art with us. :(
    Keep up the good work!