Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hope rocks again!

This week I left another hope rock for someone to find.... for the full story behind this go to Lillediane's blog by clicking on Woodstocklilly to the left, and/or read my previous posts. This is the 6th rock I left... I put it in the burl of  a tree in front of a library. Since it's white and the tree is dark I think someone will find it! Hope it brings them a smile!

Then My Mom and Dad read the posts and decided to leave a hope rock for someone to discover as well. My Mom painted her rock and crocheted around it and left it near a lake, (funny how we found such similar hiding spots!) Hers will really be quite the surprise for someone to find!


  1. OMGoodness!!! Andrea, this is beyond beautiful and inspiring and special and unbelievably AMAZING!!!! WOW!! I am in utter awe of both you & your Mom. Would you please tell her how much I appreciate her participating and making such a beautiful "jacket" for the HR!! I am just sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open. I have happy tears in my eyes. You and your family made my week! I'm having surgery on both knees on Tues the 15th. Reading this gave me such Hope. Thank you from the bottom, sides, top, and depths of my heart. Can you feel my hug??? I sure HOPE you and your Mom will keep making HR's. ((((Andrea))))

  2. Wow, So glad you liked it, I wll tell my mom to read this post right away!