Friday, June 15, 2018

Sorry I have been scarce

I have been creating.... I just haven’t posted much as I have been a bit mentally overwhelmed by learning a new day job.  But here’s some new art to show you all I really have still been creating....

This kind of art is perfect for times when you don’t want to think or worry.... you just want to relax and watch paint flow. Better than meditation ..... or maybe it IS meditation. Painting meditation. But the job is going well so I should be back posting more regularly soon. 

Happy paintpartyfriday!!!


  1. wonderful,colorful pages Andrea! Glad your job is going well. happy PPF!

  2. wow, these are all so beautiful, magical and mesmerizing! There is something quite calming, meditative and reflective about them all...not to mention..such gorgeous inspiring colors and themes! Shine on!
    Happy PPF

  3. Oh I believe it IS meditation. When I was practicing with a Zen group, I once told my teacher that I felt "more Zen" when I wasn't practicing it and thinking about it all the time. She laughed and said that was good, that I already had found ways to still my mind and put my energy into something that worked (art, music, etc). I am SO glad you haven't stopped finding that time too! I think goes back to my childhood and loving to be alone and in silence or just in my head creating. :) These images are lovely. I feel calmer just looking at them!!

  4. glad the job is going well :)

    love the bugs! :D very cute

  5. I love all these designs and bright colors makes a happy feeling all around.