Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring has finally appeared in our part of NY

The insomnia circles came to life......

It was a fun challenge to try to continue in my 100 days of characters with inanimate objects instead of kid characters. There will definitely be more flower characters in the works. It was impossible not to go there with all this floral inspiration around me this week!


  1. Beautiful artwork - quirky and sweet!
    Gorgeous florals too.
    Happy PPF :D)

  2. I love your fun, playful art characters! :) Made me smile.

  3. This is a gorgeous post! I love it. Your characters are delightful. Happy PPF

  4. Loving your art and your beautiful floral photos.
    Very happy and pretty post!!!

    Happy PPF!


  5. what's not to love here- from the gorgeous flowers and petal arrangement, to the fun quirky illustrations... wonderful post! Happy PPF!

  6. Your photos are lovely--and I adore your artwork--what a fabulous creative perspective! :D

  7. I love these art pieces and your photos are great.

  8. such pretty flowers and very cool creatures from the drawings of the circles

  9. I love all of these illustrations and photos! YAY for Spring!! We've got out garden planted and bought a bench to sit on to enjoy it. Still just a container/border/driveway (the car is just about pushed out of the space altogether now) garden but it gets lusher every year. Plus we released 500 ladybugs to help with some pest control though in reality, I just wanted to see ladybugs everywhere I looked for a few days. They've stayed though, one of the perks of the driveway garden perhaps? :)

    Can't wait to see the usual display of beauty that comes from yours! :)

    The insomnia circles seem soooooo innocent. . .

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