Friday, May 6, 2016

One part of my world

Thought I would show some progress photos of a recent custom order I did for my Mini Muses...

It was a warm day so I was working at my desk on my upstairs side porch....
(right now I don't have a permanent space for art, lots of times I work on the dinning room table, but as my son, Wade is moving out in June, that should change soon!)

First I carry out a drawer of paints, cheap bottles from Walmart for the backgrounds, which as you will see I later mix with artist grade tubes of acrylic for some stronger pigment.

 Plus some matcha tea for me, some napkins to wipe paint on, and an old paint cup....

and Pandora (Dido radio) on the Ipad...
and lots of bright sun.....

I also have a paper where I sketched a possible muse on for practice, which I did like and decided to follow. I had also first lurked. Lurking being a big part of custom muses, I think!

I sketched a quick guide on the mini canvases and started smooshing the background on with my fingers...lots of times I work straight from the bottles and tubes, doing the blending right on the canvas....

Going back and forth between two canvases, so parts of each could dry in between...

Starting a few details....

I had the help of one of my daughter, Brandy's, cats, that I am still cat sitting for...
Her name is 'dirty popcorn', but she calls her 'Dirts'. 
She got loose one time when she was living with Brandy in Cortland, and Brandy found her months later when she was on facebook and someone who was a friend of a friend or something like that, posted a photo of Dirts, saying this cat had been hanging around. The cat is from the Humane Society there and even has a chip implanted in her so she could be found if anyone had taken her back to the Humane Society to have it read, and yet Brandy found her through facebook instead!
Now Dirts never even tries to get out. 
I guess she has had enough of the street life.

Starting the details with a fine line sharpie, some details are also added with black paint and a liner brush...

And all done.
although I did change the shape of the lady muse's face just a touch from the way it started, not sure if you can tell. It needed to be a tad thinner...

Then they were ready to pack up...
 I took some advice and worked on how I want these to arrive, thinking how I would want to feel when I open a present to myself!
 But I don't have a photo of that yet.... 
I really did enjoy doing these and hope to do more. It is wonderful knowing a tiny piece of my art is out in the world, making someone smile!

If you want one of your own Mini Muses; I will put a listing up on Etsy for a custom one. You can choose between child and adult, hair color and style, background colors, words and even a simple symbol if there is something you really relate to...

From my piece of the world to yours.....
Have a great week!


  1. Lovely work. did the cat do some paw-painting, too? Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your muses. And I love finger painting!

  3. I love "Remember" and "Trust", both are so pretty (especially Trust). You really get into your work big time, don't you? LOL!

  4. they are darling and a great way to display art when space is an issue!

  5. Cute little paintings and I love the story about that name too

  6. I so enjoy watching an artist's process. The cat help in imperative too, right? Adorable end canvas'! HPPF! and HAVE ANOTHER creative week ahead.

  7. I love to see an artists technique and progression to the finished piece. Fascinating and brilliant results.
    Also a happy ending story for Dirts. All in all a great post. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy PPF to you

  8. So inspirational! I was just thinking of painting outdoors today...These little paintings captured my heart...the expressions are perfect too! Love them! Great post, really enjoyable!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. These are wonderful. I love seeing the step by step photos. Thanks for sharing that.

  10. Well, as the lucky ones who received these little treasures, I want to say again that Sofie and I ADORE your work and are so proud to have these to inspire our own hours of making each and every day Andrea. To see how they were made is even more special and we could not be more tickled to "be-mused" by your art! :)

    "Remember" captures exactly what I hoped. . . something in the essence of timelessness and childhood. Perfect! And Sofie said that "Trust" seems to gaze right into her soul, opening the door to exactly that. . .

    So glad to know Dirts had a paw in it too. . . must be why our Bhu was so interested when we pulled them out! :)

    THANK YOU again!

  11. Such sweet faces. Bravo for being able to paint so much detail so small. And with fingers no less. xox

  12. Beautiful little canvases. Love the colour of that tea, too :)