Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cemetary Inspiration

 I love cemetaries
not just in october...
They are quiet, peaceful, still...
The best way to get away into nature, almost alone while still being in town.
I love the patterns on the worn stone,
I love imagining the lives lived,
and feeling sad for the lives lost too young...


  1. Can't say I love cemeteries, but I've seen some beautiful ones. The one in Lourdes, France is full of tombs that are eerie because it looks like an earthquake tore threw it. The tombs are sort of askew!! like in a horror movie. But there are beautiful Capidomonte porcelain bouquets all over. :^) patsy

  2. Oh me, too!! Not too many people will say they love cemeteries, but I am right there with you! What wonderful gravestones. I love a cemetery with room to move--some grass and trees. I find them so peaceful. :)

  3. I like them long as they are very old. Beautiful images.

  4. Ah lovely photos! There is a huge Cathedral in Liverpool that has grounds you can walk around. It's slap bang in the middle of town surrounded by roads and traffic but because of its position you walk down in to the gardens that used to be the cemetery and you can't hear a thing, just birds chirping! Its not a cemetery now but there are still gravestones from 100's of years a go that you can wonder around, and monuments and tombs! I really love that place!