Friday, April 11, 2014

There have been no signs of spring in my yard yet so I planted some seeds to see a bit of green .... 

 Pretty spindly..... but they are growing, my son hasn't dumped them or my cat chewed them, so all is well in their world for now.

I wanted to paint something at work the other day,
and i had no plan in mind, 
i hadn't sketched anything, 
I didn't feel like drawing anything out .... 
i just wanted to see paint flow...
 and quickly. 
Used to be a falling lady would appear or a mandala... 
i thought about a mandala and just letting it be wobbly without having drawn any circles or pans out....
 but what appeared was this...

You can see I didn't use any pencil, just dove right in... 
so then I just kept adding animals around her....

Then it seemed like she had a story to tell...
so i did another painting the same way....

And I taped it up above my ugly work area to ponder, and see if her story comes to me....

 Crows keep appearing
Murders of crows still coming
tales to tell I think

Happy Paint party friday, and hello all at haiku my heart!


  1. The painting is beautiful, and hope your plants continue to do weel! Valerie

  2. love your herbs in a can! And there's definitely a story emerging with your girls. Looking forward to the next installment! Happy PPF!

  3. yes to painting at work!!
    to watching, allowing and listening.
    love your murder of crows
    and the mysterious stories they will tell.

  4. Lovely, lovely paintings!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  5. Love these. Particularly the second one. Happy PPF!

  6. Such a delight to see these stories tumble from your fingers! Yes. Let's ask this murder of crows... I think they have a thing or two to say...

  7. Lovely paintings and delightful stories ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxo

  8. Love your watercolor work! Your girls are so sweet and lovely!

  9. Happy Spring. Love the murder of crows story.

  10. Gorgeous!! I love this story coming to be...Adorable characters!! Love the herbs in a can too!! I hope they have those in Canada.... I will check!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Your story is unfolding as will your seed in germinating , a lovely juxtaposition

    Have a nice Friday

    Much love...

  12. amazing! no drawing beforehand! Very cool, I love the girl with the crown and all the blackbirds.

  13. Very well done without any drawing first. Love your paintings and that you're awaiting the story. I used to love painting fairytales, as I called them.

  14. Totally awesome paintings. Reminds me of Kipling's fable The Jungle Book. I think this girl is Mowgli's sister, just coming to life in your spontaneous art.

  15. Your crow painting takes me back to one that I saw several years ago in Amsterdam. You know which one I mean, don't you? ;)

    In the Potter’s Field

  16. An interesting painting. The "murder of crows" line gives thought to Hitchcock's "The Birds" but your painting is perfect for a wonderful children's tale. Lovely work and enjoy the unfolding of the story as you continue to paint.

    Annabelle : )

  17. Both of those are so precious! And I love to see the crows in it. Have a great weekend! Rasz

  18. Herbs in a can! I love it!

    Your girls are wonderful - i am so impressed that you did all of those animals without a pencil line. So so good!

  19. I too love your canned herbs sprouting, your wonderful paintings and your haiku… there is always more to a story, it is ever unfolding.

  20. Your watercolor work is terrific - love that 2nd painting - and the truth is that she was birthed by the first

  21. I love her! And I love crows! They are so intelligent and seem to hold secrets and wisdom. Good luck with the herbs. :)

  22. I love every creature that appeared to this lovely lady! To me your technique here seems almost magical with how she, and then the animals came into being. I almost envy your talent, but that is wrong so I choose to admire and appreciate it.

  23. Wonderful illustrations! I want to know the story behind them - so fun! Happy PPF!

  24. Gosh, you did these at work? Freehand? I have to say, I am now a fan of your work!

    Thanks for sharing!


  25. Herbs in a can! I love that idea!! Sooooo cute!

    And crows. . . oh they always have tales to tell! This year we are graced with two pairs of ravens in town. I never was able to tell ravens from crows before very easily but after three weeks with these two pairs around, it is a very distinct difference in size, sound and flight. I feel blessed to have these usually skittish creatures outside and near every day!

    Here's to Spring and all the renewal and possibility it brings!


  26. Love this sweet little lady & her critters - & adore the hedghog!!

    Ah, Ravens & Crows!! I lived at a mountain retreat center for several years, & we had a number of Ravens .... as Nicholas says, I learned the difference .... & love it when the Ravens greet me whenever I return.

    My cousin Wendy Thompson draws (graphite for the crows, often coloured pencil) & has a number of prints & tiles with Ravens or crows - plus a couple of calendars. I have one, pecking at a red berry
    I look forward to seeing where this story goes (peeked back through to find the roots of Bee Queen's tale