Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello out there, sorry for being so absent for so long. I am starting to dip my toe back in to blogging and i thought i would start with a quick photo of one of the things i have busy with lately..... Meet Kodah, a 10 week old miniature husky...


  1. Welcome back, Andrea! What a sweet new member of the family! I am sure he is keeping you very busy and bringing lots of joy too.
    Thanks for the great blog and art love today. I appreciated your comment a lot!
    Glad to reconnect!
    Happy June!

  2. Was just thinking of you this week....glad to see you back <3 :D XXX

  3. So sweet. when I met DH he had a husky and it was ours for 14 years!

  4. I didn't know there was such a thing as a miniature husky. What a darling face! I can see why you've been so busy. ;)

  5. Andrea! You've been missed!
    So glad to hear from you and have you share Kodah's sweet face with us! There is always busyness, excitement and so much love when there is a new baby in the house!

    Congrats on yours :)