Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hope rocks

I recently found Lillle Diane's blog about how finding a little rock with the word hope on it at just the right time actually changed her life. You can visit her here:

She's encouraging others to make hope rocks and hide them for others to find!
So on the night of the full moon in January a few days ago, I wrote Hope on 10 little white river rocks, collected from the river here in our little valley, and I started to hide them... the first was for myself. Being the cold moon, or the moon of secrets and hidden mysteries I decided to right a secret wish down on a strip of paper and wrap it around the first hope rock and hide it in my house to wait for my wish to materialize! We'll see how that magic works...I think I'll need to be patient.

The second rock I wasn't sure where to hide for others, so on my walk I waited till I found a house that felt like it needed some hope and I left it on their front sidewalk for them or a passerby to find. It didn't snow for 2 days so I'm pretty sure someone must have found it and picked it up. I hope they're holding it now.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I may paint some rocks too! You never know when someone needs to find a little hope.

  2. This ROCKS!!! Thank you so much!! I'm just finishing up my post for the weekly Hope Rocks issue, and you are in the Hope Rocks Hall of Fame as a beautiful participant spreading hope one rock at a time. You, my dear one, are an official Hope Rocks Star!! Love your idea about hiding one for yourself. Funny how we think of everyone else to give love or give hope to except ourselves... I'm going to do this, too!

    I'm listening to the song, Concrete Angel. It is perfect for this post!! Can you feel my hug for giving me hope by playing along with Hope Rocks, Andrea~<3~

    ps Sorry I didn't get over here sooner. Our wonderful canine hero, Wonder Dog, traded his super hero suit in for a sparkly one this week. We are still experiencing the glow, the sadness and the loss of our brave angel sporting wings now. sniff... <3

  3. I read in a blog recently about a "rock fairy" who does this- writes on rocks and leaves it around! What a great idea! Patsy from