Friday, September 8, 2017

How did it get to be Friday already?

This week I have been working on something altogether different. I did the first painting below about a week or so ago ...

"Twilight"... sold

I was also considering doing a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, mostly to be able to keep working in a series again, and see what develops. I was on the fence about even committing (to myself). I considered so many choices of themes to follow. Here's a few I considered:

30 days of: 
πŸ„ creating icons (to use to design fabric in photoshop)
🌸 painting quotes
🌈 painting more abstract watercolors
 πŸ‘šmaking paper dolls 
 πŸš—map making
 πŸ”«painting quilt squares
🌳 painting acrylic fantasy worlds; "brillawhistle"
πŸ¦„ painting kid illustrations for prints and icons 
🐳nursery art
🐷30 animalcharacters or
πŸ₯one character 30 ways
πŸ¦‰30 watercolor owls for prints or icons 
🐝 30 bees in 30 different mediums
πŸ“šcreating a picture book
πŸ¦‹ painting 30 butterflies or bugs
🐒 felt animal ornaments
⚗️ 30 mini shadow boxes in tins
🏡 mandalas 
🐾mini painted collections
πŸ‚ botanicals
🍁30 watercolors all in violet hematite 
πŸ€ 30 paintings in limited 5 color palette 
🐌 a Sketch a day of my day
🐚30 days of Painting what I am thankful for
⚗️30 things in jars
🦊30 monsters 
🐟 30 fish
🍭30 tea cups 
🍰 30 recipes
🌱30 birds
πŸ₯ fairies
πŸ‘30 rock paintings
πŸ’œ30 days of German folk art
πŸ’š30 Patterns
πŸ™‚30 Product designs
✨creating a Tarot card a day
🌺creating a Motivational card a day
πŸ’™30 carved Rubber stamps
😊30 Lino prints
⚗️Monoprints/gel prints
🌱30 painted Ways to find small magic prints/book
πŸŒ™30 Faces
🐭Whole body characters
🌈30 Illustrated poems/nursery rhymes/fables

Well, then I got so many positive comments on the above piece that without really deciding I dove in and started doing a sort of mid century look/ cabin in the woods watercolor a day!


"4:00 pm light"



So all these are 6x6 and originals will soon be listed in my Etsy shop for $28 each. Prints may eventually be listed but may take a while. 

More to come.....
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Wow!! What a gorgeous piece if art.

    Happy PPF


  2. these are fantastic, so unique. I love your style. I'm guessing these are selling wildly! :o)
    Visiting from PPF.

  3. Oh these are beautiful! What a great idea for a series.

  4. Oh, they are adorable! I love them so much! Wonderful work!

  5. Wow this is really amazing. Very nice indeed.

  6. I love this series!!! And I love your list of themes you considered just a much because that is exactly what I would do. . . come up with a list of possibilities so long I would be paralyzed and have a hard time deciding what to begin on! But this theme is delightful and I am excited to see the whole series as you go. :)