Monday, February 13, 2017

Small magic in February

Although I missed the last few months for various reasons, I am still trying to stick to my plan of posting on the 13th of every month about the ways I find small magic. Small magic being the everyday little pleasures that bring you joy, or the secret memories of whimsical, most likely unplanned, wonderful moments in life. My original post was here. And I would still be happy if you joined in, and added a link to a small magic post of your own, as Nicolas has done.... just a photo or a few words even. 

This month the first thing I thought of when I was deciding what to post was the thing I crave constantly.... normally I would be thinking sweet treats right now, but what I truly crave is..... painting. I love watching watercolor paint flow. It relaxes, soothes and is just as good as meditation. I wish I had a nice video that truly demonstrates this but I didn't have my tripod today so I couldn't get a nice slow motion video of the beauty of the paint, but instead I have 2 very short, like a few seconds short, videos of painting hearts today. Which I painted just because I wanted to watch the paint move, not for any other reason. Which to me is the most fun way to paint... for no purpose other than to enjoy it! 

one video here




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  1. Andrea the hearts are soooo lovely! The quote seems especially well chosen too!

    I managed to get this post together before my trip! It was not going to be what it turned out to be but, it is what has been on my mind as far as small magic. . . anti felt REALLY good to write it and let those thought out so THANK YOU! :) Looking forward to catching up when I return. Hoping you are feeling better and done with cleansing/illness this winter!