Friday, December 30, 2016

Look back at 2016

I started off this year quilting on my English paper pieced quilt, inspired by the passacaglia quilt. I will post a photo of it soon....where I hope to pick it back up and start again.

And then I worked on a future mandala e-class that never came to be because I lost the videos of painting 6 mandalas when my computer died. Took me most of the year to go replace the dead PC with a mac (that I still barely know how to use.) I use my new iPhone instead.

I did finish my children's picture book; the Bee Queen's Message and self published it. I offer it in my Etsy shop.
I also offer the other book of mine that came out this year; Mandalas for The Inspired Artist.
I had a mandala tutorial and interview in the on line magazine heArt magazine!
3 big things from my bucket list!!!!

I started a second children's picture book; an alphabet book.
I made a lot of progress before getting inspired elsewhere. It is on the list to finish in 2017, along with the novel started years ago.

This year I made a daily list of things I was thankful for; the first post was Here...I did keep it up all year.

I put a lot of art in my sketchbooks....

And I designed a lot of fabric, my main seller being a doll... the Bee Queen.

I designed a logo and new headers for my Etsy shop, blog and the new website I created then let go....

I created a few tutorials for the blog....Hombre garden tags
Designing your own fabric
Butterfly wall art

I have book proposal out that I have high hopes for in 2017.

I started a new series of blog posts about finding small magic on life. The first one is Here

I worked on designing monsters and will create some projects with the final designs in the year to come. I also designed and created some new items for my etsy shop: textile embroidered and painted pieces, little penny dolls, mini books, a pouch of story rocks, and a pouch of meditation cards. Then I ended the year sewing again, this time on little ornaments of felt.

Other than art wise.... I had grown kids move out and back in. The house has been a bit crowded with the now adults and all the pets, but it is still nice having them home.
They are all so different, I have no idea how they are all mine. Here's the oldest , Brandy on one of her many hikes in Arizona...

And here is Jesse, next in line, a hippy who loves pets and is nothing at all like Brandy's athletic personality....

Next there is Wade Whiskey, who turned 21 and who is now a Nihilist, (I know, he doesn't look it but what actually does a Nihilist look like?) and the only photo I have of him all year is this one his sister took on his birthday....

My youngest had a growth spurt and now towers over me at 5'9" and 240 lbs at 14 years old. Thankful his violent tendencies have gone down as his weight has gone up! He is a sweetheart still...

We went back to "our" cabin at Gilbert lake again his year and had a nice quiet week there.
And I enjoyed my garden again this year, even though it was a hot dry summer.

That pretty much covers my year, everything I can think of at least.... now off to make more plans for 2017!

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  1. Happy PPF
    🍸 Cheers to a happy creative 2017

    much love...

  2. A lovely look at your year Andrea! It is so interesting to see your children, such telling glimpses in one snapshot. Immediately, of course, I am thinking of paracosms and how in another 20 years, in all likelihood, none of them will be what they seem to be right now. They'll create new worlds and new dimensions of these present personas to fill. At 20ish, I thought I knew it all. So certain and hard headed. . . I could never, with all the crystal ball and tarot cards I surrounded myself with in those days, have seen what my life would hold 20 years on. What would still be a part of me and what I would discard as I slipped into the waters of maturity and experience. . . and, of course, what I would reclaim so may years later.

    What's true to their core will, of course, remain but they'll likely look back and wonder how in the world they got there : )

    Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful New Year to celebrate!!

  3. Beautiful look at your year, you have so much to show - that is inspiring. My daughter [I also have 4 grown kids] also is into monsters & fabric design.

  4. This was a fun look at your year and all you have accomplished! Happy New Year!

  5. Lovely look at your year! Happy PPF!

  6. Very nice capture of your year. Wishing you and your family the very best of 2017

  7. You'v been doing amazing creative work all year, it's been a pleasure to re-coonect. Looking forward to more in 2017. xox

  8. Your post is so inspiring hearing about your publishing and creative work. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for a brilliant 2017!

  9. "I know, he doesn't look it but what actually does a Nihilist look like?"

    nothing according to their philosophy ;)

    you had a very busy productive year :D

  10. Impressive! Happy new year and many thanks for sharing your wonderful art this past year and hope that you will continue to do so in 2017 and beyond. Good luck with all the new projects.

  11. I enjoyed your Video. . .and your 2016 reminisces. Blessings, Janet