Saturday, February 14, 2015

A shadow box of sorts

I have been taking the online classes in soul food at community thrive put out by so many really creative artists.

The latest one, a shadow box with a paper bird in it made me want to create a  shadow box of my own. I have also been pinning shadow boxes like crazy lately in Pinterest. So, I wanted to do it right now, and not wait for the perfect supplies.  And since I have been thinking paper boats lately, it seemed right to do one of my girls in a paper boat.
It is in a deep frame, not really a box but in one of the photos you can see there are layers raised a bit. I painted the frame with watered down acrylic and just started. I like her. I could have spent a lot more time but I think the quickness makes it simpler and therefore sweeter.


  1. She is a sweetie .... So happy you signed up for Soul Food!

  2. She looks amazing!! I love her hair so much!!

  3. I agree, absolutely sweet and charming, makes me smile.

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